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Paypal Scam

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Hey guys, I just got this email from one of our listers at meowhoo. Thought I would pass the word along, in case some of you who have businesses on the internet get targeted by these creeps. If you do get an email like this, please report it to PayPal

"I received an email on one of PayPal's letterhead the other day-- telling me that they were taking those who haven't used their services in 3 months, off their list. So if I wanted to remain a part of them, to fill in the blanks-- account#, password, credit card # bank account and pin #. How stupid do they think I am!

I reported it to Paypal and they are investigating it."
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that is horrible!
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Thanks I use Paypal!
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Someone needs a constructive hobby. Thanks for the warning, Hissy.
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Thanks! Someone's being a jerk!
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Thanks for the warning!!
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