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Forum Suggestion

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I have noticed an influx of games in the lounge.

I don't know if I'm the only one, but I'm find that the forum is getting cluttered with these types of threads and it's getting more difficult to find non-game threads to read.

As these games have become popular with some members, perhaps we can have a forum exclusively for game threads?
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As of this moment there are 8 game threads out of 40 on the first page and that is higher than the usual amount. Eight threads are not enough to constitute a separate forum. By tomorrow a few of those will drift off the front page as the normally do. Up until a few days ago there weren't any games on the front page of the the Lounge until I created a few. The games do provide a purpose in the Lounge. A new member that would like to get to know others and start posting would feel less intimidated to post in a game thread than jumping into some of the others. Game threads also get closed after 500 posts to keep them under control.
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