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Eye infection?

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Well, as you know, I just got 5 new 3 1/2 week old foster kittens on tuesday. They are all growing and develloping well. My only concern is that one of the males has what looks like an eye infection in one eye. The eye kind of gets glued shut. Every day I put some drops of warm water on it, and it opens somewhat, but then it gets glued shut again...
We're thinking we'll call the shelter that we're fostering for and ask them what they would do, but until then, any suggestions?
Thanks so much!
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Here's the link to a good forum here on that very issue. Good luck!

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Watch to see if the other kittens get it. If that's the case it could be a number of contagious eye infections, including herpes. If that's the case then call your vet to ask their opinion and possibly get some some eye ointment. We just went through this with our litter of kittens at work. After a few days of terramyacin, they're all back to bright and shiney eyed babies!
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No, it's just one kitten that has it, and only in one eye...thanks for the ansers though!
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When I first got my last kitten she had an eye infection and I tried for a few days to treat it at home....nothing worked and it only got worse....I took her to the vet they gave me this ointment and it was almost better the next day....I was kicking myself for not taking her in right away...since the ointment cured her in a day
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