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Question of the Day April 25th

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Morning All!!

Since I am planning on getting my hair cut today today's question is going to be about hair care:

What is your hair color, length, and Style like, and is it low or high maintenance?

My hair and eyes are exactly the same color, a very dark brown the hue I think is called chestnut. I keep my hair cut really short and it is layered which I comb forward in a sort of Pixie effect. As far as maintenance it's about as low as you can go. I use a product called Bliss that is a combo of hair and skin gel when I shower. Then I just towel dry, comb and go..
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Currently bleach blond, naturally dark auburn and gray.
Shoulder length, no style, all one length, low maint.
Shampoo/conditioner, comb out, part and go.

My eyes are dark hazel with colors ranging from gold/brown to forest green depending on mood and the clothes I'm wearing.
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More than an explanation here a image of how short is my hair....

Black eyes, & black hair....

BUT White cat!......
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Dark blonde naturally, with medium/light blonde salon highlights.

On the longer side - almost to the middle of my back - I'm growing it out!

I have some layers in the front because I like to part it on the side and have the effect of long bangs combed over my forehead.

My hair is sort of high maintenance if I want it to look just right. In the shower, I shampoo and condition, and comb the conditioner though. Then I towel dry and apply a leave in conditioner and some sort of serum to smooth it down since it's wavy and coarse. Most days, I just put it up in a creative bun. But if I want to wear it down, I have to straighten it.

My eyes are gray/blue.
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My hair is dark brown with a bit of a red hue in certain light, stick straight, all one length and is just longer than my shoulders. It is extremely low maintenance. I wash it every other day, and just wet it down in between, I don't blow dry it or put any sort of products in it. I just keep it brushed and it looks nice.
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My hair is naturally dark blonde/brown and down the middle of my back. It has some curl/wave to it and is easy to take care of because I blow dry it a little then let the rest dry on it's own. It's usually pulled up, especially when I'm warm, in a pony tail or big hair clip. No grey hair.. yet!

Nice pic CoolCat and Milky!
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Dark brown, short, dried and styled in 10 minutes
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Dark Brown,Short,I cut my own hair,brush and go
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In my youth it was mousey brown with some red highlights. It's been white for a very long time -- coarse, thick and very slightly curly. Also very dry. I go several days at least between shampoos, and just rub down with a washcloth in between, and then comb into place. A cut lasts anywhere from six weeks to three months, starting pixie short, and ending when it starts crawling down my neck and getting too bushy. My last cut was on Valentine's Day and it's pretty much due, but I think I'm going to wait another week.
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i have longish dirty blonde hair, It needs to be cut but i am lazy. I used to have it cut with side bangs, and layered and often would wear it straightened. But sadly now all I do is let is dry on its own and put it in a pony tail lol. When I do straighten it,i feel like a hippie lmao cause it is sooo long!!
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Well I got it cut and new color last week!!

Its now just about shoulder length. I have to be able to get in a pony tail!. I have bangs but I asked for a different treatment and my stylist thinned and did some snipping and I don't really like them this way. Good thing is my end of May that should have grown out!

I go to an Aveda salon and this is a newer trendier color technique were I have three similar shades one a couple of shades lighter and the other darker. I think I look too pale now! So I'll see if I repeat this coloring.

I just wash and blowdry as my hair is naturally straight. My sylist used a straightening iron and got it even more straight but as I have fine hair I thought that was a bit of overkill.

The color is a brown with red tones in it which is very close to my natural color.
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Black,Very short,messy,think girl version of harry potter hair
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I just got my hair cut today!! I like it. It's what I usually get-- a razored long look that is the norm in Asia right now. With sideswept bangs. Care is only shampooing and occasional conditioner (my hair is so oily I don't like loading it with products). Then I may have to straight-iron it to get the straight effect rather than feathering.

My hair color is also more brown-black than just regular black. Most people think I color my hair, but it's naturally brownish.

I took before and after photos but for some reason the before pics looked better than the after, even though that's NOT what I think when I look in the mirror. Maybe the light was better this morning and I looked more "fresh". I'm rather tired from the long trip down to the Asian salon an hour away.
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My hair is long overdue for a cut and colour. I've got hair just past my shoulders - dark blonde/brown and very curly/frizzy. I wash my hair every 2nd day or every night after work. I don't brush my hair before I leave the house
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats View Post
I don't brush my hair before I leave the house
I don't brush mine either, unless it's straightened.

Mine is very thick, wavy/frizzy and long - 1/2 way down my back. Wash it in the afternoon, and air dry. I can't use a blow dryer as it frizzes too much.
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