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Saturday!!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!

Woke up to a wicked thunderstorm this morning. It is still raining but at least no more banging and crashing.

My allergies are also wicked this morning as well, the birch tree right beside my deck is starting to bud so my eyes are driving me crazy, itching and burning..

I have a few things planned for today, I have an appointment at 2:15 to get my hair cut, plus I want to go shopping for a few light linen or cotton tops for work.

Lots of left-overs from last nights dinner for tonight, plus they are running the movie Hellboy(one of my favorites) on Space tonight so there's my evenings entertainment right there.
I lead such a glamorous sophisticated life

The kitties are good, they were a little freaked from the storm but are now settling down nicely.

Everyone have a great day
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We're doing the experimental cooking today for next weekend's party. Our neighbor's daughter just graduated from college and we offered to make all the smoked meats for her party. They never tried our brisket or pulled pork so we're making both of them today. If they like it, we'll make it next weekend. If they don't like it, we'll go to our fallback plan of ribs and chicken.

And while all of that cooks for 10 hours (the brisket is already on the smoker), I'm going to finish the deal to refinance the house (work in progress for the last few weeks), finish the wall hanging for the kitchen (sort of like a pieced quilt without the quilting that matches the back-splash pattern), do a little gardening (if the rain holds off) and get laundry done.

And somewhere in all of that, I think I'll pull out the String-ama-fling for the cats. That's not a toy that I leave out all the time. Lola (our dog) would eat it.
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We didn't get that storm here, but it looks a little threatening out. I'm off shopping for a baptism gift, which I left to the last minute as usual.
Tonight's entertainment will most likely be watching a few episodes of Dexter. I'm secretly looking forward to Space's Star Trek marathon though!

Have a good day everyone, and remember to hug your kitties!
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I slept in until about 10 because it was just so pleasant. The sun is shining out and for the first time in quite a while it was warm enough I didn't need to throw on any extra clothes when I first got up. Yet another sign that Spring is here in earnest. The kitties split a can of Wellness Core for breakfast and now they're lounging around. Tre is on my lap, Promise and Tiny are on the window sill bird watching, and Thufir is sleeping on my bed.

I'm going to do a quick bit of work on my computer, then get showered and head over to my parents' house where I'll do laundry and eat dinner with them. Then back hometo do some more work on my computer and then a little TV tonight.
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Packing, Packing and more Packing....then off to wal-mart to get some road-trip items,the vet to get Max his shots,come back work on laundry and pack some more...this packing is a never ending task In 5 days I leave to move to Chicago IL!!! I can't wait I'm so excited!!!! Have a good weekend everyone
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Originally Posted by Brandi View Post
In 5 days I leave to move to Chicago IL!!! I can't wait I'm so excited!!!!
I lived there for 30 years. Other than the cold in winter, I loved it!
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Enjoying this beautiful weather before the rain comes

I didn't sleep well last night, and woke in agony because of the impending thunderstorm system. YUCK.

But it is sooooo nice out, I am NOT going to let the pain win.

I had to go to Walmart to buy some short because I can't do buttons and zippers up right now. I found 2 prs of shorts and a shirt to go with either

Now I'm off to do some weeding, sunning and just relaxin' outside.

Have a great day folks.
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Well...I just woke up about 45 minutes ago...Was up till 5 or 6 am working. Hopefully I'll work today too. I would personally like to finish off this current website project.

Not sure if I'm going to go out today...Maybe I'll look at some garage sales. However, I don't want to keep burning through money like I've been this week.
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I've got my car loaded to bring to the new place, have I mentioned I hate moving. After that I may go looking for new lamps for the living room or to Walmart for bathroom accessories. It is very hot here today, going into the 80's and since I am not a summer person, I am already uncomfortable with the high temps. Enjoy your weekend everyone.
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I see you're moving too but you're going a lot further than I am. I'm only moving a block away but still the packing has to get done no matter how far or closeby we move. Good luck with your move.
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Had a productive day thus far. Went to the bank and post office. Also went to buy scrubs (have to return 4 out of the 5, blah!!!). The rest of the day will be devoted to cleaning up around the apartment and my massive massive amount of laundry. There's a little carnival/festival going on downtown and I think me and the BF are going later tonight. Should be fun!
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Did some much needed yard work, tended to my garden all before the rain that's suppose to come later. It's 2:30pm and I need to think about what to have for dinner. I'm going to get cleaned up, eat then see about what good movies I could go see.

Have a great weekend!
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Well it started raining in the wee hours of the morning. So that shot working at a client house.

So I did some house cleaning and Neil went to the farm to plant trees (in the rain? I'll pass)

so I went shopping!!

First stop the mall-2 knit tshirts at Ann Talor 2 for$40:another 2 for $30 at Chico's plus 2 necklaces so I was also able to use a $25 coupon. Then 2 more at Eddie Bauer but the chick didn't give the sale price so I have to go back & 2 pairs of socks. Last stop at Pottery barn to put up my salad plates which were $1 off each, and 2 appetizer plates!

A grocery store run then a stop at Panera where I had a coupon. Then a new store downtown-eco friendly so one more knot shirt and some cleaning supplies.
The pet store back for samples then off to a non-nutritious meal at A&W restaurant and last stop to rent a movie.

One of my SIL's stopped in for a few minutes one their way back from visiting their son in college.

So now I'm wasting some time even though I could take a nap!
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Hope everyone's enjoying their weekends so far! We tried to get up early to go to the State Farm office to put my car on my husband's policy (did that), then went down south to get my hair cut. It was an hour drive but totally worth it since it's an Asian salon, and I guess I'm picky about my hair. But I haven't gone there in about 2 years so I was way overdue.

We had a nice lunch at a dim sum restaurant nearby. Then we drove back up, made stops at brother-in-law's house to set up anti-virus stuff, and now I'm at my mom's waiting for dinner.

Decided to skip out on dinner at a Korean BBQ with friends since we ate lunch so late and we didn't feel like driving another hour back out there again. But we'll hang out with our friends after dinner.

All in all, a nice day. Except I'm not home with Beau and I miss him even if I'm only out for a day.
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I had won some money from a radio station last week ($107.90, for the station's channel number 107.9 FM) and picked up the check on Thursday. I deposited the check and did our grocery shopping.

Tonight, we are going to use part of that money to go out for dinner and dancing at The Crystal Palace, a country and western nightclub. After all, the people that own the nightclub, own the radio station I won the money from. I just have to spend it there as it is a bit pricey and I can't afford it otherwise.
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