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Can't wait until June 5!

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Fleetwood Mac is playing in Saskatoon on June 5th. As most people know, I am a huge Mac fan, so naturally I had to get tickets. I heard rumours of the Saskatoon show on Sunday, the show was announced Monday, and presale tickets went on sale Wednesday at 10 am.

So Wednesday morning before the sale started, my mom called either Ticketmaster or the Credit Union Center regarding the Amex presale. The lady on the phone said that we could use a Visa card for that, so when 10 am hit, I pulled up floor seats (row 16) under the Amex presale. But when I tried to buy them, it said I wasn't using the right kind of credit card. Okay, so I tried the TicketRush presale. The best I got was something like row 26 on the floor. I figured those were crappy seats, so I tried again. And Ticketmaster blocked me from their site. It wasn't the computer that messed up, as I could go on other sites and my mom went on the site at work. We tried on and off throughout the night and had no luck.

Thursday morning I checked a Facebook group and some guy said there was a radio presale. I went on the American Ticketmaster site, which allowed me on, but the only seats I got were something absurd like row 47 on the floor and section N, which is at the back of the stadium. I was freaking determined to get those tickets, so I waited for this morning, which was the general sale.

This morning my mom called a friend over and he set up his laptop to look for tickets for us. My dad was on the phone and I was on the living room computer. 10 am hit. Dad was constantly calling the box office, the friend was on his computer, and I was on mine. The friend pulled two seats in section Q, near the back. He bought them. Everyone was saying I was being too picky and if I didn't get those, the show would sell out or I would get crummy tickets. At the same time I got a few seats for section Q, and gave those up. I tried again, and got row five. ON THE FLOOR. Even though we already had tickets, I decided to get them. It would be insane to pull up seats like that and not buy them. So I did. The friend sold the other tickets within a few minutes and all was well, and I got almost front-row seats to see the Mac.

So! Question time! Should I try and smuggle my camera in? So far, people have had good luck with bringing their cameras and not being hassled by security.
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WoW, FLOOR SEATS to Fleetwood Mac! Good Job!!
I'm sure I'd bring a camera
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Wow that will be a fantastic show to see.

As for the camera issue, that depends, do they just confiscate your camera if you get caught, or to they boot you out of the concert. If it's the latter it might not be worth taking the chance.
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I know someone who went to their TO show, and of course loved it! You just know that those guys would rock in concert.
As for the camera, well from I've seen it's the norm for everyone to have their cell phones and camera at concerts these days.
Ticketmaster is so infuriating! We tried to get tickets fro the Hip, but they're like sold out ridiculously fast, and we couldn't even get tickets in the back. There needs to be limits to stop scalpers snapping up all the tickets.
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Hope you have a great time!
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