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stop the slaughtering of baby seals and please sign this petition

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it will only take a moment of your time and can make a difference
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that´s awful.... poor babies.......
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Thank you for posting this! I signed and posted my opinion, too.
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Thanks for the link!
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thanks guys!
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Help us here if you want......
It can´t be......
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I'm afraid I'll have to take the opposite stance on that petition. The propaganda that's used to stir up sentiment towards the sealing operations is erroneous and untrue in the regulated harvesting of seals today. I work with people who have overseen these hunts and they are conducted in a humaine and sustainable manner. Granted many years ago it wasn't the case and laws were enacted to ensure that cruelty towards immature animals no longer takes place. The video's you see on u-tube and accounts of the "clubbing of white coats" are likely from isolated incidents that took place in the 60's.

Seals are not an endangered species. Uncontrolled, as are most wild animal populations, the cause grievous damage to other sea life and their habitat. Uncontrolled populations of seals would damage other near shore fisheries affecting the livelihood of many many Newfoundland and Labrador families and also the stocks of fish they (and we) rely on.

So all I'm saying is take the rhetoric with a grain of salt and educate yourselves a little bit on what actually goes on out on the ice during the seal hunt. Sealing is no different than any other wild species that have to be controlled to ensure their survival and the healthy survival of the other sea creatures who's habitat coincides with theirs.

As for the livelihood of those who harvest seals, well they do what they have to do to provide for themselves and their families. Natural resources are the life source of these people and they work long and hard and risk much to provide for their families. It's easy to say "they can go do something else" but in reality 99.9% of the time there is "nothing" else in these remote parts of the world.

Sign the petition if your heart tells you to but I urge you to do a little research first. Ask questions of the people who know (see link above).
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And I do believe it was brought up last year that clubs aren't used so much anymore; the majority of the hunters use rifles.
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you believe what you want, and ill beleive what i want.
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