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Ouch, back from the dentist...

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I just went to the dentist to see if everything is alright before I fly to Boston... And guess what!!! My dentist had to do a filling!!!
now my face are numb and aching...

When I was a little girl, everytime I had to go to the dentist for something, my parents got me a new cat!! so it was a bitter-sweet deel!!! Its a good thing I didn't go to the dentist that much...

I want my mommy! (to get me a new cat...)
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Nunny - when are you leaving for Boston?

Sending get better tooth vibes your way!
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thanks Adrienne...

Im leaving on June 17th, for two and a half months. BTW, I am sending you a PM now regarind something...
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Hey Nunny, you'll be in my neck of the woods! Where are you staying?
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I will be staying at a little town called Amesbury. Very close to Newbury Port. Is it close to where you are?
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Nope. I'm down the Cape, on the southeastern sea board. I live pretty close to Rhode Island actually, only about 20 min away!

Enjoy your time here in Massachusetts though. Its a beautiful place!
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You know what, Daniela, I think Im starting a thread for Mass. People! You think there's a chance for a summer meeting?
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aww..I know how that feels to get a filling put in...SEnding get better vibes your way!!! If I lived closer to you, I would buy you a cat!!
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Nunny, you were lucky that you only had one! When I first went to the Dentist in April, I found that I had 6 cavities! Plus, when they were filling one they noticed a nearby tooth had a cavity in it too. So, 7 fillings with in a week & a half! Talk about OUCH...not only in my mouth but in my wallet too!
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Sure...there isn't many of us from MA though I don't think! But some are nearby in other states that I bet would be willing to join us!
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