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Moisturizer for Cat

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I have a 7 month old Sphynx kitten whose skin has a tendency to be dry. And since it is necessary for him to be bathed at least twice a month, I was wondering if anyone knows of any lotion either for humans that meets the PH for a cat, or a kitty lotion that I can use on him. I thought of "Udder Cream" which is made for milking cows and their udders to keep them supple. Any suggestions??
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Funny, I read that Sphynx cats are supposed to have oily skins rather than dry. Well, I guess each cat is different. I don't know about such a cream but I'll try and find out.
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Hi, I have a sphynx cat also but becasue he hates bath so much, I only give him one about once a month. Maybe by cutting his bathing ritual in half, his skin will not get as dry. I also use a shampoo specially made for cats that has a moisturizer built into it. If this still does not help, I have heard of moisturizers for a cat. I remember when I started looking into the breed but I don't remember where I saw it. You may want to contact your breeder and if they do not know, let me know and I can ask mine for you. Hope this helps a little. Good luck : )
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Thanks for the tip. I usually bathe Moo-Shoo every other week just to get the crud off his skin. He hates baths too so I just wipe him down with a washcloth that has no-tears kitten shampoo. Tell me more about your kitty. How old is he or she, what kind of temperament does he or she have, the cats name, etc. I love hearing from other Sphynx purrsons. When I get a picture of Moo-Shoo, I'll make up a kitty page for him.

Moo-Shoo is a wonderful kitty. He looks like a minature moo cow (hence his name). He's very playful and energetic and loves to sleep under the covers with me at night. I show him at cat shows in the household pet category. He loves the attention too.
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Hi Donna-
My cat's name is Pharaoh (egyptian king) and boy is he a king!!! He just turned 1 on 12/27 and he is my pride and joy!!! He is blue & white. He gets dirty especially around his neck where he is white but I no sooner give him a bath and he is dirty again. Anyway, his personality is quite unique. He is extremely lovable-follows me EVERYWHERE. He even meets me outside the shower curtain as soon as I turn off the water and jumps onto my lap as soon as I get out. But he has an attitude problem too. He is so spoiled that he soemtimes acts out and I must give him time out. He sleeps across my neck. Sorry, I could go on and on about him but I am probably driving everyone who's reading this crazy!! Thanks
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Hi Eve,

I just read about Pharoah. He sounds like a cool kitty. I have to give Moo-Shoo "kitty jail" especially when I'm trying to eat and he's in my face. He found out last night that he likes Soy nuts! I find that most of Moo's dirt is around his neck as well. He is my pride and joy as well. Everyone who sees him goes nuts because they've never seen a hairless cat before. They either think he's really ugly or so ugly he's cute. I just love him period!!
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If you guys wanted to chit chat about the breed, you could move a discussion over to the breeders forum and make a new thread titled Sphynx cats!!!
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Hey ms Donna....just remembered an article I just read. I dont know if this will work for Moo Shu but they recomend when humans get real dry in the winter months and such, to take a nice warm bath in sea salt. It helps to soothe and moisturize. Never thought of it, but ever notice how nice your skin feels after a day at the beach..
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