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Billy IS going to win them over!

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OK - so we don't get this one every day, but Billy's working on it!

....And while Lazlo still goes after him every once in a while in the rest of the house, in the bedroom, he's OK with Bill. And Bill's working on getting closer and closer!

....and I just had to include this one - totally typical Bill:

Little-by-little, our sort-of-recently adopted (Nov) cat-loving kitty is going to convert our "be by myself" cats into Billy-loving kitties!

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Aw! If I didn't know the background, I'd never know Billy was working on trying to get along! He looks to be fitting right in!
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You got yourself a total winner with that boy!! He's going to charm the pants off of them!!
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He is such a doll-baby! And obviously very patient. Have you been reading to him from the Caring for Strays & Ferals section? He seems to know the tricks!

0.. (Ginger had to comment too...she says she would be happy to snuggle and head bonk such a handsome boy! Funny how all that came from a number and two dots )
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Aww, look at him! He's really trying to worm his way into their hearts, isn't he!
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He is just a big ole lover boy! How can anyone resist... I'd like to reach through the screen and rub dat fluffi belli!!!!
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Billy is a total love-bug. It's clear to see that he's determined to win over the rest of the cats and that he will succeed in time. Give that belly a raspberry kiss for me.
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