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Ginger's Kittens-1 day old photos

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I feel like because I post pictures in the pregnant cat and kitten forum that they get missed out on by alot of people so here are Ginger's beautiful babies, born Monday, April 20, 2009

All 5 are healthy and gaining weight daily.

I believe they have two dads.

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adorable. what a unique 2 tone gray kitty.
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Actually we think that kitten has whats called fever coat (caused by mom getting a unnoticed fever during pregnancy) and that the light gray part of the coat will grow out and match the head color.

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How adorable!! I love how the two little grey kittens have socks/booties on their little tooties.
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The 3rd one down, actually has a white tip on his/her tail if you look close!!!

I'm hoping to get some bum pics so someone can help with genders--I thought having a tortie to compare with would help me, but it didn't seem to help at all. The ones I looked at all seemed to be girls--of course the only one I didn't check was the cream one.

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OHMYGOSH! How adorable!!!
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Send me that light-cream colored one please!!!!!!!!! They are ALL absolutely precious! I've never actually seen kitties that small before. Thanks for posting pics here!
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LOL I had to look again cos they're just so darned cute!! I call dibbs on the white tipped tail one!!
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That cream one may not leave....shh dont' tell my husband.

I'm going to try and get more pictures tomorrow, they've grown so much already! Ginger is a great mommy.

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My oh my oh my what cute little dolls they are. I love the third one down and am hoping that s/he becomes darker with age.
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I actually think the 3rd will lighten and look just like its momma a beautiful torbie. Hopefully the 1 week pictures will better show their colors--they are getting so big already.

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