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Is your cat plotting..

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Thread Starter kill you?!

Oh geeze.. .. anyone seen this before? I just ran across it on the net. This was most likely designed by non-cat people, eh? While I can't stand the "cats are evil" assumption, Shadow is quite the coniving little kitty! So with her in mind I still got a bit of a kick out of the sarcasm!
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I have to admit I giggled! "Bringing you dead animals....." got me!
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That's cute.
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I thought it was funny!
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Thanks for sharing!

It reminds me of the Dog vs. Cat diaries!

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There is an 83% chance my cat is plotting to kill me. Although I dont think my cats could live without their food so Id say I am pretty safe
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LOL I got an 83% chance also Bringing you dead animals. This isn't a gift, it's a warning
How funny!

Thanks for the link Laurie, I want to check that out too
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