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OUCH! but funny

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kitty video
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Some of those made me cringe- those poor cats- that one where the woman flips her up in the air to the rafter! not funny what if she missed!
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Hissy I did't like that either! But there was some funny ones!
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I agree with Hissy and Sherral, I didn't like that one either.

But I liked a lot of the others, and a couple of them reminded me of Snowball in his younger days. (Examples: The cat sliding across the counter and falling off the edge. And the one that shows the cat trying to jump from one object to another, and not jumping far enough.)
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No, the rafters one made me cringe--but the others were funny. I felt really bad for the poor kitten trying to step on the cactus--that hurts!
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The one with that big cat running in the bathtub and running right back out, reminds me of Rocky..he has done that before not knowing there was water in the tub...and also the one with the little black and white kitten running up it's owners leg onto the counter, Fluffy still does this...
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The kitty, flying at the dog's face, is just like Rowdy with Pearl. That's how they play.
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