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new soon to be bengal owner

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I am almost a new bengal kitten owner as soon as my baby and my kittens siblings are born and am able to pick one out that i love. Well i have researched the breed for two years but i would love to learn from other bengal owners what i can expect from my kitten.

Do most of yout bengal cats or kittens love water. How did you come up with your bengal kittens name like registered and house name as i have to figure out both. Any funny stories would be great too as it makes it more real when i can bring my kitten home at 13 weeks old.
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I own Ocicats, but Bengals are pretty similar. Bengals are VERY high energy cats and need a lot of interactive playtime or another cat/dog that is pretty active to play with. Otherwise, they are too smart for their own good!

There are other Bengal owners in here that can tell you lots of stories

Welcome to the spotted club
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Wow the ocicat and the bengal do look alot like you would think they are the same cat. What is the difference between an ocicat and a bengal. That is the one thing i am looking most forward to is the energy level of the bengal alot of the cats i have owned when i was younger just layed around and didnt do anything so it will be nice to have a cat that is active for a change.

Thank you i am excited to be apart of the spotted club and owning a bengal i know its going to be a great experience.
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Main difference between Oci's and Bengals is we have no wild blood in the background. Domestic cat bred to look wild originating from Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthairs.

When you look closer, they are very different cats. Face/muzzle, ears, eyes, coat patterns, tails are all very different.

Congratulations on your new kitten, and good luck with the wait
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Welcome to Bengal ownership. You will really enjoy your new kitten.

The Bengals and Oci's are very different from each other, the most striking difference is that Bengal's have rosettes and not so much spotting.

One of my Bengals

A grand champion chocolate silver Ocicat
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I think the two breeds look totally different Oci's and Bengals, both are lovely.
Congrats on your new baby kitty!!!!
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thank you i am very excited. All your cats are gorgeous kai i love you marbled bengals specially rihanna she is gorgeous.

Both the ocicat and bengal are different but still very gorgeous none the less.
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thank you it will be very nice when i am able to bring my kitten home.
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Thanks Nial for posting the pics. Ocicats come in 12 colors - tawny, chocolate, blue, cinnamon, fawn, lavendar and then add "silver" to each of the above colors to get the other 6 colors, silver, chocolate-silver, etc.

Oci's do come in non-spotted patterns with a classic bullseye and ticked and pointed pattern (called ghost ocicat). But the non-spotted patterns are not shown. This is cause of the influence of the Aby, Siamese, ASH in the background.

Here's some more pics of Oci's from one of my cat's breeder's website.
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