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How did the surgery go ?
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Surgery will take place this morning
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that all goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BTW - did you ask the vet if they'll help with the case against the former owner for the SPCA?

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I just came across this post, but bless you for taking all 3. Vibes for a good surgeory , and I'm glad to hear you plan to get the SPCA involved.

I don't know if you plan to keep all 3, but if you do not are there any no-kill shelters in your area that would be willing to help you find homes?
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I was actually suprised the Humane Society and the vet just said turn them in, but didn't have much more to say. The lady actually had the nervs to send me an e-mail checking on them, told her they won't make it you left them in that condition too long. But you can all believe me she will get turned in this weekend, so she won't put the finger on me. I just dont want any drama with her.
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I am really so very glad you are taking care of these cats. Really a wonderful thing to do, and a good example for your kids also.

I can't belive how young they are and to already be in the state they are in!! Fiona almost lost her eye to the herpes virus. I am so thankful to the special people who helped take care of her. She is my lovely little girl.

The time will come when these sweet babies will be nursed back to health (by your loving hands) and you will look at them and not even think about the money you are spending now.

I cannot wait to hear the news about their surgeries and health. I hope you will keep us all posted and also post pictures periodically so we can watch them get better. We love pics!
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Ok, just called the Vet and the surgery was already completed. Hope, I cna pick them up today after work. My 2 boys (14 and 16) are just like me and bring an animal in need home in a heart beat, yeah they will continue on with the resuing once
they are older, there is no doubt in my mind.
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I'm so glad all went well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - I'm AMAZED she had the you-know-what to send an e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bet your boys will make good daddies for these babies!

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Yeah if it was up to them we would keep everybody and be the biggest hoarder in
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I don't have a probelm giving up a cat after i've helped them because I know the people who took care of my cats did the same. If they hadn't I would never have had the chance to know my babies!

I rescued a small kitten recently, and even though my heart wanted to keep her I knew someone was out there who would really adore her. I already have three (and they are really needy) so one more wasn't a good idea.

If you keep one or more your boys will have these cats into their adulthood, and maybe when they move they'll take them as "their" cats.

Hope their surgeries went well and you are hanging in there too. I know it's not easy. But sometimes we need to 'do the right thing'
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We won't be able to keep them, we already have 2 cats, a dog and a foster kitty. But they will be placed through a rescue to make sure they will receive a good home. All 3 are doing real well of this morning. We have one unfortunately, that had 1 eye removed and is blind on the other. But everybody up eating playing and doing just fine - under the circumstances.

The vet is not getting involved building a case. I will take pictures that she send me, pictures I took, our e-mail conversations to the Animal Control, hopefully that will help. ASPCA are not the ones I need to talk to I found out.
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You should be submitted to rescue of the month in cat fancy magazine!!
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Actually - I should be declared, it was a bold move on my part (financially)
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Aww thats sad about the blind one .....but its good to see they doing so well.....What will u do with the blind one ?
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All kittens will be placed through a rescue. I will foster them until they find a home. I will make sure that they will never end up in another situation like the one I pulled them from. Their care was way too expensive so I gotta make sure they will be safe or returned to the rescue if they can no longer be kept.
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Just checking in to see how they're doing?

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They are all doing well, have gotten their shots and been de-wormed this weekend. This coming Friday the stitches will be removed. I keep you posted........
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