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what kind of litter for kittens

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Hi, I just got back from pet store. Was going to buy some Kitten Attract litter. Slicks babies are 4 weeks old and very active and out of the box playing. Thought it couldn't hurt to start giving them the idea of what to do. Well the bag says 8 weeks and up. What am I supposed to use? I know I can't use clumping litter like I do for her. Her box is up off the floor so the babies can't use it. I am afraid they will eat what ever I get. What about sand or sawdust? Maybe even dirt from the yard. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Shannon
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I use plain clay litter for kittens.
Sand and sawdust are bad if they eat it, and sand and plain dirt do nothing for odors at all and really aren't absorbent.
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Use classical cat litter; this one as resemble sand.
I believe it is really from baked clay nowadays.

Otherwise sand should be fine if you dont have anything else.

Clumping litter is nono, and from the same reason, better not sawdust - either.
They WILL eat a little. Like all babies do. And we dont want it to swell in their stomach or become hard as cement...
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I use Yesterday's News litter for kittens.It is made from recycled newspaper and it won't hurt them if they try to "taste" it.
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Was going to buy some Kitten Attract litter.
Shouldn't be a problem.

When I first had Ally at 5 weeks old, I found that Kitten Attract worked best for her. She and Ollie used it until about 3 weeks ago when I transitioned them over to Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat, which I didn't like but they didn't seem to have a problem with, and now I'm transitioning them over to Fresh Step Multi-Cat which I like much more. Kitten Attract was perfectly fine though - the only reason I had to switch them was because it has very little odor elimination and my room smelled like a giant cat turd as a result despite cleaning the box and constantly scooping daily.

Ally only tried to taste her litter once or twice before she lost interest. Ollie on the other hand is more of a problem because the little guy puts anything in his mouth that fits. As a result I have to vacuum twice to three times a day to keep any litter they get out of the box from ending up in his mouth.

I tried wheat litter with Ally, but she hated it and ended up taking a dump on my bed twice before I switched to Kitten Attract.
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all the input! Knew I'd get some good suggestions quickly. Will sleep on it tonight and get something tomorrow. Everyone here is so ready to help.
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Well you could just use a small bag of the normal clay litter, or try mixing in clay and the wood stove pellets as litter.

Jack's breeder uses the wood stove pellets for litter from the start, so the kittens see the other cats using it and use it too. I'm glad, as we switched to pellets for about 6 months now and so I didn't have to go get other litter till Jack was trained for pellets.
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I'm planning on using shredded newspaper for mine until they're old enough for normal litter.
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box down for them to play in and found they have peed already with NOTHING in it. So much for thinking they needed something in it to get the idea. I will still go and get something later today.
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I always use just plain old non-clumping clay litter. Tidy Cats, usually.
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