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Window Screens

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I like to have my windows open during the spring, early summer and fall. The cats love sitting in the windows as well, but I am worried about them falling through the screens. The screens are just regular insect screens. Do I need to be concerned about their weight pushing through the screen if they lean on it? Neither cat seems inclined to scratch at the screen in any way. Am I just being paranoid?
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I know that sometimes cats do go thru the screens, but it's never happened to my tame cats. I did have a semi-feral go thru a screen but he was desperate to escape
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If you are concerned, you can buy a sheet of wood or plastic lattice and cut to fit your windows as a second, more secure barrier.
I've done this before, it looks very nice and works very well.

I have had cats lay up against pop in screens and push them out without trying.
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Mine have never gone through the screen but they have been able to push the screen completely out.

We just used a strip of duct tape to the inside of the windows and that seems to be working just fine.
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I will admit I'm paranoid and I only keep the windows open 2 or 3 inches. Moose once ran headlong into the patio screen door and the screening popped out, luckily I was there!
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Originally Posted by clpeters23 View Post
I will admit I'm paranoid and I only keep the windows open 2 or 3 inches. Moose once ran headlong into the patio screen door and the screening popped out, luckily I was there!
My windows are only open like this when I am home, but I have tried the 2-3" thing and they squeeze themselves in there! I actually thought that put more pressure on the screen than when they sit on the windowsill. But yeah, I never leave the windows open like that when I am not home.

Thanks for the thoughts!
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My screens have little tabs that fit into openings in the window frame themselves and then they lock down. Your window screens do not have this?
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Once before my cats saw a squirrel outside the window, while it was up and they did try to scratch through it.

You can buy metal screens at Lowe's or Home Depot that you actually screw in.
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I saw this thread and just had to add my two cents to this.

Yes Skunk has gone through the screen before, I woke up one morning to find one of the living room ones were missing and Skunk had just used his weight to push it straight out of place. He had the guts to later try and act innocent ..pssh

So yes you have every right to be paranoid, I say it's quite alright

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I had a close call once, although my screens (another house) were very sturdy and secure. My cat always sat placidly in the window, so I never thought the open windows would be any problem. However, one day, another cat came into our yard. Fortunately, I was standing nearby because my girl practically hurled herself through the screen to get at the intruder. I had to quickly close the window before she broke through.

My point is that even if your cats don't normally bother the screen, you never know what may impel them to want to get at something outside. Remember that with the windows open, they're getting all those nice scents, some that may tempt them.
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Try pushing on all your screens to make sure they're secure. Aluminum screening is a little harder to rip through than cloth. Also remember that if your cat can get through the screen so can other things. Be careful leaving your windows open unless you live in a very very good neighborhood (and have neighbors who can see those windows easily).
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Backstory: At my former residence, I had a stray that would come around and pester my kitties that liked to hang out in the window perches. Occasionally he would jump up and grab the screen with his claws, which would scare the crap out of Prissi. She went nuts when he would come around. She'd attack anyone in shouting distance, running them into corners, biting me if I tried to calm her down, etc. She was a terror.

One night Blackie came around and got hold of the screen. Prissi was her usual crazy self, and she pushed from the other side and the screen gave way. She was halfway out the window, and I literally had to close the window down on her, to keep her from getting out. She has no claws (I got her that way!), and it would have been an ugly duel, I fear. I still thank God that by chance, I happened to be standing right there.

As an aside, I had to put Blackie down months later, as he was injured and FIV-positive.

I now live in a 3rd floor apartment, and have two big bedroom windows, and a picture window with a balcony, where birds and squirrels reside and make excellent eye candy for the babes. The kitties love their fresh air, but there's no way in hell I'd ever think of leaving them alone all day without having baby gates in all of the windows. One each of the smaller wood-framed ones in the bedrooms, and two stacked upright in the picture window. The wood-framed versions have thin wire screens, and offer excellent visibility.
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