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Tuesday DT

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Yay, I got to finally start a DT!

Well, it's my day off but I won't be enjoying it much though. I have ANOTHER dentist appointment today. It's been a month since my last one and that when they broke the news to me about wearing a retainer. They first told me that it would only take a week to make and they'd get a hold of me very soon. After 2 weeks of waiting I called and it hadn't arrived yet. Finally last Thursday, they called to tell me I need to come in on Tuesday (today) to get it fitted. I'm really dreading this. Everyone I've talked to tells me that it makes you talk funny for a quite a while until you get used to it and some people never talk right while its in their mouth. Thats what bothers me! I work with the Public and I really need to be able to talk normal so people can understand me.

OK, enough of me worrying about this and going on & on. Just wish me luck today guys!

Hope everyone has a great day and chat with ya'll soon!(at least you won't have to actually hear me may not understand me! LOL!)
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Shell - retainers aren't much fun. Ask if you have to wear it during work hours. Somethimes they say it is ok not to it all the time.

I am having a yucky day. My fellow TA (technical assistant) is not in today so I am dealing with 10 new trainees on my own (they are trying my patience). My supervisor has been in a meeting all day, and there is no sign that he will be out soon. No matter what, I have to leave early today for pre-screening at the hospital for my surgery.

I can't wait for this day to be over!
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Can I vent my misery here too??

I mentioned before how Rob changed our operating system to Windows XP. Well, in the process he lost all my internet links that I saved in my Favourites folder AND he lost all my saved emails. Grrrr....I'm not in a good mood!

To top it off, we're still having car troubles and I don't want to put anymore money into this old car. Plus Rob has started another construction project on the house and the place is a mess! Ick!

I want to run away......anyone want to join me??

But tomorrow my friend is coming over with her 3 year old daughter and her 7 month old son. This will be the first time Nakita has experienced 'little people'. Should be interesting!!

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I've spent the morning calling vets to get price quotes for the dental work that Tillie needs. Our usual vet seems to be very expensive, and I have gotten a wide range of prices. I decided on a Cats Only vet not too far away, they were the most helpful in explaining about the procedures and also had much more reasonable prices. Our current vet (who may not be our vet for much longer) wanted $600 for removing 4 teeth, not including bloodwork or exam. This vet says $300-450 for 4 teeth (this includes anesthesia, exam and bloodwork). Also our vet said no pain meds were needed afterwards, this new one says they'll provide them.

Tillie is eating much better now that we've switched her to soft foods.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue

I want to run away......anyone want to join me??

Ok - where are we off too! Your cottage or mine? Or do you want to go a little wild and head of to Vegas with me!
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Hey guys, if you're off to Vegas swing by Nebraska & pick me up! Oh...and make it snappy since my Dentist appt is in 2 hours, ok? Maybe you guys could borrow Jeannie's plane?

Just kidding guys..Hope your day get better for you both!
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first of all - Shell - I hear you about the dentist... I just came back from one (as you saw in my silly thread). Not a pleasant place to be in.

And Adrienne and Kass - please take me with you! (we can start another road trip!). Kass, we just switched to Windows XP, but my boyfriend somehow managed to save my favorutes in the browser, but deleted all my emails!!!!! I was very upset too...

But now Im all better. Have a great day, people :icecream:

Can someone please tell me, so I finally know, what does "DT" stands for in the title?...
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Katie, I think it stands for Daily Thread! At least that would make sence! I fugured that out not so long ago, and of course thought I was very clever! I fell there is so much use of initials in the US, instead of whole words, so it´s often a guessing game for me. For example PB&J, PJ, OJ, S/O etc...
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Hey, you're right!! that sounds about right...
Same here with the guessing, Pollyana! it took me a while with the s/o (significant other). when I figured it out - I felt so smart!
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Hard to believe that when I started posting on this site I didn't know any internet jargon! Now I am getting good (I think anyway).

DT - daily threat
IMO - In my opinion
j/k - joking
LOL - lots of laughs, or laugh out loud
LMAO - lamy my ass off
MIL/FIL/SIL/BIL - Mother/father/sister/brother in law
dh - dear hubby
BTW - By the way

are some of the common ones - hope this helps

BTW - I am all for a group get together in Vegas - lets go
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Originally posted by adymarie
DT - daily threat
Yikes! You make threats on a daily basis?

I couldn't resist!
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it took me a long time to get HTH (hope this helps) and TIA (thanks in advance)

Today is another exciting search for work where I sit and send resumes and call around and end up with nothing. I will make lunch, do laundry, clean, play with the cat, and wonder what is going to become of me if I never get a job. Later I will watch mob movies with s/o when he gets off of work and probably be in bed by 10. My life is so lame, lol, but I thank god because I'd rather it be lame than a total mess!
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Yikes! You make threats on a daily basis?

I couldn't resist!
Can you tell the type of day I am having!

I am off now for my appointment!
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Oh! I am late for this!!!

PLEASE...... take me with you on whatever trip you go!!! I'm begging!
*sigh* I really could use a break...

Shell..I am getting fitted for braces in September. *yikes* Never thought at my age I would do it but I'm taking the plunge. Guess it's different than a retainer but I've been told about all the pain to expect. *jumping for joy (not)... Can't wait*

Hope you all have a great 'end of day'!

I remember when i first joined here and had no idea what anything meant.

We laughed a little when i thought s/o meant: Stubborn Ox! (I still use that sometimes..... lol!!!!)

TIA - new one for me!!! Thanks!!! had no idea!

Bye for now everyone!!!

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Wow! Everyone's been having fun this morning! , It's been so funny!
Braces- I once had a retainer it hurt so much so I gave up on it, but I'm sure to get braces soon
Trip- Take me need to get away from here for a few days PLEASE!
Today for me- College and then after school detention for one hour and then my friend Lisa and myself are going shopping, I hope that everyone has a good day ! To ya'll :lips:
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OMG Guess what BTW OMG means ( Oh my gosh or oh my god )
Well i just said I was off for college BUT then I realised it's only 8:29 and on wednesdays we start school at 10:00 , duh so I'm bac
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Icky day here! Only 59 no sun,how can I paint in this weather! I have everthing patched and sanded just need to prime and paint!I wanna go on a trip! Anywhere!!! My brother and his wife left for Alaska for a 2 week vacation.To see m our other brother who lives up there.I wanted to go!But Ted's brother is coming here next week! Oh well.
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Got my retainer today and I hate it with a passion! I can't talk at all with out sounding like I've got mouth full of gunk in it! Mom laughed her butt off at me when I tried talking to her. She said she wasn't teasing me, but it still bothers me though. I can only imagine the torment I'm going to get tomorrow at work. Plus my mouth is unbelievably sore right now...especially the one tooth that is sticking out further than the rest. Took some advil and it's finally starting to kick in. Good news is that my Dentist think I'll only need to wear it for a couple of months! God I hope so!
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Kass, if someone was bringing a 3 y/o and a baby to my house, I'd run away and the cats would never forgive me. Rowdy and Buddy checked out the twins and decided that they weren't very interesting.

This job is a breeze! I had an old lady on the phone, who keeps sending her car payments to the wrong place. She wanted all of her late charges ($87.50) waived because it "wasn't her fault" that she mailed them to the wrong place. The notes on her account show that she has been given the correct address 5 times, since March of LAST year. Somebody that senile does not need to be driving a car.

I have become the "chocolate connection" - I keep Hershey's kisses in my desk drawer. All of the supervisors find excuses to wander near. Maybe, I'll get a good rating, come raise time.
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I went to the doctor this afternoon...I really am too embarrassed to say why I went just yet,,,let's just say very personal reasons, but I am being referred to a specialist......anwyay...when I comfortable enough to talk about it, I will..the acutal subject, but just pray that nothing is seriously wrong with me....
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Oh Kathy Hon, I do pray that everything will be ok. Sending you lots of prayers and hugs too!
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Thanks Shelle!
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Kathy - I hope everything is ok! I will keep you in my prayers!
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I'll be keeping you in my thoughts, Kathy.
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