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RIP Little Kitten

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One of my mom's friends had a new kitten a couple of months ago when they moved into their new home.

Everything was going great, Kitten was doing fine (I don't know what it's name was so I'm referring to it as 'Kitten'), and she had just started letting it venture outside.

One day she left the back door open, and the little one got out without her noticing.

Next thing she knows, a taxi driver is knocking the front door, asking if anybody around the area owns a kitten. She tells him that it is hers, and follows him outside to see the little sweetheart just lying there, dead in the gutter of the road. Kitten had managed to dig under the fencing around her garden and get onto the road outside.

And what makes it worse is that people just say "it's only a cat. You can get another one easily." And in my opinion those are the sort of people who are heartless, and certainly not animal lovers.

R.I.P Sweetie
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Oh....I am so sorry R.I.P Kitten
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So heartbreaking to hear... RIP little baby
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I was just talking to my mom about it, and it turns out that they had been living in the house for a few months. Turns out they only had the kitten for TWO DAYS.

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I'm so sorry. Rest in Peace Kitten.
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Condolences to your mom's friend - she must feel so terrible, such a sad loss to lose her dear little babycat And no matter what other people say, to God, it's not "just a cat" - He cares even when a sparrow falls. Play happily over RB, little kitty - there's lots & lots of little people angels who will be giving you cuddles & scritches
And major kudos to the cab driver who took the time and trouble to let someone know about the kitten - he understood that the little sweetie was someone's treasure
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Rest In Peace little angel
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Sadly, kittens are just like children who run off on their own. You have to have eyes in the back of your head.

RIP Kitten, your safe at Rainbow Bridge now

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