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Just for fun :)

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Hey Keller, go bathe your own babies

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So precious
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Aww... that is so sweet! I hope my kitties are as receptive to the new baby.
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OMG That is so sweet!!
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Those pics are cute. Keller seems like a sweetie.
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That definitely made me laugh out loud. She's quite a good momma!

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she just loves the baby, I don't think the baby was thrilled with her new hairdo
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That is so cute
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My siamese Murray does that to me....licks my hair...not as fun as it looks LOL. His tongue kinda pulls the hair, but I allow him to groom me anyways

The baby will grow up to love your Keller as much as you do. Seems like she thinks the baby is here to stay and why not help out!
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Awww! Keller is such a sweetheart!! That first pic.. the baby's expression is priceless!!! I guess Keller thinks she has enough love and kitty spit to go around!!
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That made me laugh I suppose she really enjoys being a mother! So how are her kittens doing right now?
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that is too funny and just so adorable!!!!!!!!! your baby is just too cute!
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OH MY! How adorable!!!
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