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the black kitty isn't eating much

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She goes to the vet tonight at 5:45. I'm not sure wither it is because she is so small or weither she just has a tiny tummy because she has been outside for awhile or what. I looked at her teeth last night (she is such a good cat! ) and they look okay to me. I tried all different kids of food. Kitten food, adult food, canned food, dry food! and she doesn't seem to like anything. She didn't even eat the ocean white fish kitten food that everyone loves! I'll have to see what the vet says tonight (her stools look okay, so she is eating something i guess, just not much)
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My kitties say: "Did you try tuna?"
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val try people food, nothing elaborate, chicken would be good, mince it up well, look at it this way, her mom was a scavenger, the mom's cat probably ate a lot of garbage, even though this kitten isn't big enough to have eaten such stuff, she never saw mom eat out of a bowl- try putting the food flat on the ground- not in a bowl. Jar lids work really well too. Also heat up the food a little bit in the microwave before presenting it to her. She is in an alien world right now, and confused and stressed. I am glad she is going to the vet soon.
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i'll try that tonight when i get home. She is an amazing little kitty. She loves to snuggle and just jumps up on the bed and sits and watch's tv with hubby and I. I think she only has 5 ticks left that i cant get off. Hopefully I will like this new vet. It was either try a new vet of wait over a week to see my normal vet

Sue, I didn't try tuna I never think of tuna because my big kitties don't like it
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It's amazing how fast they will like something they hate if the others want to eat it for them! LOL
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