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Stressful Therapy Visit! I can NEVER get another cat!

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SO for those of you who know, I take Cello to therapy visits, mainly at old age homes, and sometimes at mother and child safe homes etc. He is very good at these visits, doesn't bat an eye when people pet him too hard, pull his ears etc. Overall it's been going very well.

However we had a bit of an incident at the last visit I went too.....
First of all we weren't impressed with how this visit was run, all the animals were put on edge because they started the visit in the old age homes 'games' room. Now this room was INCREDIBLY loud, just awful. They were doing plastic pin bowling, there was a loud speaker etc. I was so proud of cello for how good we was, because even the dogs were freaking out.

They then took us to the nursing floors, which is hard on the animals because the motor coordination of the individuals on these floors isn't great, so they get poked etc. quite a lot.

For these floors I keep Cello in his basket and just hold it up to the people for them to pet him, but I do like to let him out every 10 minutes or so, to stretch his legs and because people like to see how big he is.

Well, thank the lord this happened at the END (last 15 minutes of our visit). I put Cello's basket down on a couch (with nobody sitting on it) and he hopped out. He immediately stopped and started smelling, and then went BESERK. He just started hissing/growling/yowling at nothing. I had no idea what was wrong so I scooped him up in his basket and tried to calm him down, but that was it. He was growling and would not stop for the rest of the time so I just took him home (didn't want a situation).

As it turns out, they have a resident cat and that is where he sleeps most of the time. I had no idea! I also had no idea Cello would react this way.
He often hisses at dogs when they get close to him, but never have I seen him react to a smell or situation like this.

Guess I can't do visits where there are resident cats, and my hopes of adopting another older cat while Cello rules the roost is out!

For the record as soon as we got home he was perfectly fine and unphased, went right to the food bowl!
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I know what you mean. People suggest I get a furry little friend for Zane, but he HATES other cats.
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I don't think it's necessarily a sign you can't get another cat. It was a very particular situation. Who knows why he was really set off. Sounds like it was a really stressful situation.

It is so cool you do therapy.
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