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new ones of flash and sooty

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I wish i was a cat, just being able to go to sleep whereever i wanted

Flash decided to play hide and seek, in the process destroying my blinds bless her

but could you shout at this face


strange to think she used to curl up in this bowl and go to sleep

my lil man was all worn out

leave me alone

haha we messed your bed up (and they did)

im tired now (my first yawning picture)

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Holy crud, flash has gotten SO BIG!!!!!! How great is that!!!
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she is yeah i thought it was time for some updated pics she loves the camera though he doesnt
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She's not even the same color anymore! she was gray before!
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she has grown into her colours shes a bit of everything, the underside of her tail is almost compltely white and the ginger on her face has subtled down a little, and her brown and black have really taken over
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They are both beautiful!! I love Flash's colors
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yeah flash's colors are beautiful. I was just surprised they changed so much
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they are a cute couple a.j. they look so sweet and innocent, unlike there mum who has a wicked sense of humour eh!
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haha i know Jez :P

they arent sweet and innocent when they are running about the place at daft o'clock in the morning
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They have gotten so big! Flash has the CUTEST face.
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No way you can get mad at Flash. She is just too dang cute for that. As for Sooty, I swooned at the sight of him. What a handsome boy he is. As I am always saying, I love me the black cats.
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Awwwww that one of Flash in the bowl is hilarious They've really grown!!
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You have two beautiful kitties! Great set of pics!
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Wow they are gorgeous! And I looked at your profile to see Flash younger, and it really is a big difference!
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