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please help me with my kitty - long

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So I have two cats - Buttercup and Snowflake (aka:littleone) both indoor cats. Roughly 4 months ago littleone started to vomit with traces of blood (light pink, no clots), usually occurring once in the morning, once at night. there would only be food in vomit if she ate right before one of these episodes. So she would do this for one or two days then be ok for 5-7 days (drinking never being an issue). She was a pretty healthy weight and otherwise acted normal so i didnt worry, for about a month. Then she started vomiting more frequently (everytime she ate) so we switched foods: Iams to another flavored Iams kibble and she was fine, no symptoms. I also spoke to our vet and they didnt seem worried. then 2 weeks later same thing, vomiting traces of blood twice a day. I did everything i could to try to eliminate any foreign bacteria, cleaning everything they come into contact with, i also changed kitty litter. I had to wait to get paid to set up a visit to the vet, during this time she was holding some food down, drinking fine but lathargic and losing weight. Finally the day came to see the vet and I was so excited to have littleone get some medical attention. well they looked her over, did a fecal and found elevated levels of bacteria and blood in her stool. with no further testing they thought that she might have ulcers. so they prescribed antibiotics and ulcer meds (turns out it is identical to pepcid) and changed her diet to Canin intestinal h30. Within 3 days she was fine and stayed that way for roughly 2 1/2 months until i started to run out of food. When i went back for more the vet gave me a different kind then before and within 10 days littleone started going through the same thing, AGAIN. I went back and got the original h30 but nothing changed. I took her to a different vet, they looked her over, did a urinanalysis, some bloodwork and xrayed her. all came back ok, so they gave her fluids and nothing else. she was ok for about 2 weeks but started throwing up again two days ago. I've tried feeding her everything from boiled chicken, milk supplement, prescription diet kibble and wet, canin h30, ID wet, iams wet & hard, tuna. she will hold down some food and is still drinking fine, a little lathargic but will play if coaxed. called the vet today and scheduled for tuesday, in the meantime she suggested 1/4 tablet pepcid 2Xday. the only thing that makes sense to me is irritable bowel disease which was tossed around by the last vet. My other kitty(the only one spayed) is fine so that alone eliminated a lot. the vet suggested barium xrays or an endoscope? I have never had kitties and these guys are my best friends. Anyway i am new this forum and would appreciate any help/suggestions/opinions. Thank You
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Welcome to TCS! I'm so sorry you're going through this with your kitty, and I don't have any real words of wisdom for you, but someone will be along to answer your questions, I'm sure.

The only thing I would ask is if she's had an x-ray done to rule out any kind of blockage.

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thanks for the kind words, and yes she had one xray done. vet suggested a barium xray next time.
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so, as i posted before, my littleone has been having problems eating and vomiting quite a bit. well after reading everything i could, i thought i would try giving her a food with no grains. i found All Natural pet store in boulder, co. and spoke to them at length about littleone and the transition to a raw diet. They were extremely helpful and reinforced the info i had read online, that even "quality" foods are not ideal for cats and many have difficulty digesting it. i left with two cans and a digestive supplement. i was worried that littleone would not take to it because she has always loved her kibble, on top of not wanting to eat. well she dug into it and licked the plate clean! best of all she did not get sick that night like usual and i didnt even give her the pepcid she was on. she has so far been ok with the exception of coughing up a hairball. it may seem too early to tell but i believe that the problem may have been the food all along. she is already the kitty i remember, super playful with a little mean streak. she has been going thru this for so long and deteriorating so slowly that i had forgotten. i am writing this in hopes that someone, going thru the same thing, tries more natural food and it helps their kitty. i have never had kitties and when i first heard about the problem with popular cat food i was very skeptical. my other kitty has never had any problems so im sure some are more sensitive than others but from what ive read, and am now seeing, it makes alot of sense. for whatever reason none of the vets i spoke with even suggested this. the next step is to a raw diet, wish my kitties luck please and thank you to all who took the time to read this. if anyone needs info on any of the above mentioned just let me know.
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I don't know much about this, but I just wanted to send good wishes your way.... maybe someone else on the board can offer some input. I have used Pepcid A/C many times for my cat and it really seems to help him when nauseaous
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I'm glad she's doing better! So glad you've changed her food and are seeking something more natural. We've had to switch to grain free for our Herpes kitty and we've also added some raw. Both of our kitties have benefited from it. We also have been giving them Missing Link, a dietary supplement and that's helped as well.
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