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Handling kittens

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Obviously I handle each kitten everyday to weigh it, but at this point how much handling is too much?

I had to pull all 5 babies today to change the bedding and Hubby grabbed one up at a time to hold them (2 or 3 of the 5 he held) just for a minute a piece is that okay at this point?

Ginger seems fine with them being handled--we have to really watch how much we let her out of the cage, like when we handle the babies as I dont' want her to run off for fear of her getting pregnant again--so when I'm by myself and handling the babies I don't even let her out of the cage. When Hubby is there she comes out but he is my shield so she doesn't run.

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The more you handle the better, thats how they get socialized to humans. As long as Momma is fine with it, love on them, as much and as often as you can.
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I handled all of my kittens from the time they were born until they left. That made them extremely affectionate and social kitties. Since mom is in a cage for now, I would just take a kitten out to hold, snuggle and love and when it starts to fuss, put it back and exchange for another. I would do it as often as possible.
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I agree it's better that you handle the kittens now so they can build trust with humans.
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Thanks guys!

I'm new to all of this--regardless of how non anxious I've been trying to be through it all.

I'll continue to handle like I have then.

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Yup, handle them as much as Momma is comfertable with
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