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What Sexes Get Along Better

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Okay, since I have decided to get a new kitten (which may be this week), should I pick the new addition by sex? Boo is a female. I would prefer to get another female but some people have told me two females do not get along as well as a male and female. What are your thoughts?
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My males have always been more receptive to kittens and other cats. I love my girls, but they are competitive and jealous.
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i read that it is better to get the opposite sex. But if both animals are fixed it doesn't matter as much. Good luck with the new kitty!!
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I've been told I should get a male kitty to keep my fixed female company. I've never had a male kitty before, what kind of different behavious should I come to expect from one? I know they are much more friendlier and snuggable, although I hear females are also! It's actually pretty perplexing and differs from kitty to kitty. What have been your experiences with opposite sex, fixed kitties and/or male kitties in general?

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Goes from cat to cat.

Before I have the three cats I do now my entire interaction with cats was through my cousins and friends.

My friend had a male orange tabby that his mother called Precious. We would call him Pit Fiend. Indoor only cat that was declawed. He would come up to people purring and purring, rubbing up against people, and then sink his teeth into any exposed flesh. We all loved him. hehe.

My cousins male cats were MC, who was a fiesty outdoor cat that would play all day long and then come in and just pick a lap to sleep on for the rest of the night. Ah, he was a huge cat and I loved him dearly. Butch was another gray tabby who had a voice of a lion. He loved people intensely and when people left him he would cry loud enough that you could find him no matter where you were in the house.

My other cousins has a white long haired cat. Ah, he's gorgeous. Kitty is beautiful as he is intense. He loves to be pet and he loves to play. And he has claws bigger then any other cat I have ever seen.

My friend's cat Solo reminds me a lot of Pit Fiend. But Solo was abused as a kitten and shot by a neighbor before my friends rescued him. He is also loveable, but sometimes lashes out at people for no apparent reason. We all love him. hehe. Then they had another cat who passed about two years ago. He was a lovely gray who would jump on anyone's lap no matter how long he knew them. He was adorable.

So yea, from cat to cat. And thanks for walking down memory lane with me.
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Well, it looks like I will be getting a female - just not sure which one yet. She is from a litter of calicos and as you know, almost all calicos are female. They are all extremely lovable - it is going to be a very diffcult decision.
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I have 2 cats, one male one female and they love each other very much.

We had the same decision to make so we opted for a female (we had the male for a month first)..

I wasn't really interested in a female as i have always grown up with male cats but my hubby wanted the female so we got her. They are both desexed and WoW do they have fun.

They eat together, use the same litter tray, play together, sleep near each other yet they are very different. She is the more affectionate one (which i always though the males were). I was given the advice at the time that another male will dominate the other too much so that's another reason why we chose a female. The female now runs the place and is the boss, but the male steps in when he feels he needs to, so they get along brilliantly.
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