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My new cat

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He's not officially mine, I just found him 2 days ago, but I will still claim him as mine until his owners show up (not optimistic about that, he was on a rural road, cats don't just wander out there).

Anyway, he is officially the sweetest cat EVER, and has been dubbed Finnigan (finigan? some other spelling maybe?). Fin for short (because Finn is way overdone, lol).

I know I haven't gotten photos up but soon (maybe tonight)! I promise. And in the coming months/years, you'll get sick of him. I take lots of photos

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We would love to see pics of Fin, Finn, Finny. Whatever you want to call him.
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Awesome....Can't wait to see those Finnigan is a wonderful name, I really like it!
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Thanks for the heads up Dawn. I'll be looking for Fin's pics
And thanks for keeping him safe and off the streets!
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Okay, here he is. Very hard to photograph due to the fact that he'd rather rub against the camera.

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Wow - he is GORGEOUS!!!

OK, I'm biased, actually. When I saw his picture I actually looked at your location and looked around to make sure my Trent was still in my house! But since we're in Colorado and you're in Washington, I can't claim him as mine. Darn. He's so handsome!
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WOW! Fin is HANDSOME! Love black kitties!
Thanks for sharing Dawn!
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Oh wow he's so handsome! Glad you rescued him from the road!!
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look at that black fluffiness absolutly stunning
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He's awesome! How about "Phineas", as in "Phineas J. Fogg" from Jules Verne's Around the World in 80 Days?

Or he could be "Phineas J. Fluff"!

Never mind me; just thinking out loud.
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He is so cute I think My bottle babies might look like him
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