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Dry vs. canned food

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I'd like to hear opinions regarding canned food versus dry for overweight cats. We have a senior girl who is overweight (put on weight after she was spayed at approx. age 2....she was a rescue so we don't know exact age). We've tried many dry diet foods, she eats them all (not a picky girl), but still doesn't lose weight. I've heard recently that serving more canned food than dry makes it easier for cats to lose weight. We love her to bits, but are so frustrated that she never drops an ounce. I know the vet doesn't believe us when we tell her that we're positively sticking to her diet. What think you?

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Perhaps you'd like a Veterinarian's opinion?
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NOTE : most Vets will not agree with above link , does not mean it is wrong, just alot of varying opinions

In many cases wet will help loose weight easier than dry... one it is more digestible , two lower in calories , three fills them up faster since it is more water / broth than anything else ( see reason two ).. What weight is your kitty and did your vet go over a weight loose plan with you?? If vet said kitty is overweight but you do not know how much or what they suggest call them back and get this info ... DO NOT just try to diet your cat without a VETS guidance ( one that has put its hand s on your cat) .....
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Diet alone wont help weight loss, you need to increase her activity levels too. I have found senior food helps a lot.
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Dry food (imo) is the reason my cat got diabetes. Dry food is not allowed in my house.
As far as your question goes, I believe just like with humans, it is the carbs in the dry that makes cats fat. Cats are obligate carnivores, ie meat eaters, not cereal eaters
Even if it wasn't for the carbs, there is not enough moisture in dry for cats. Quite the contrary. it is dehydrating
If you can afford it grain free canned foods or a raw diet would be best. 'I' attribute dry food as the main culprit, in blockages, ibd, diabetes, crf. That's just my opinion
Oh and that site Blaise linked you to? Many vets may not agree to it but most vets don't study on their own nutrition and the affects it has on everything
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