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Rosie, Sophie and Jack

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Here's some new pictures of the children

Rosie wants to tell you all about her day

I didn't realise she was sticking her tongue out until i downloaded them

Sunbathing in the conservatory

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Sophie sunbathing

I love tickling their toes to see them open out

My handsome boy Jack

Watching a bit t.v.

He sat like this for nearly an hour while i shredded documents!

This happens most nights when i'm on the site

Another sunbather

With his feet pressed against my head!

Look at those toothy pegs

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Your kids are beautiful as always Susan. I don't think I ever noticed Sophie's stunning gooseberry colored eyes before.

Apparently Rosie had a very eventful day.
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Oh Susan....
I had never noticed that Rosie's top whiskers turn up toward the ceiling.
They smile.

Lady Sophie looking elegant as ususal....

the photo of you and Jack looking at each other should be framed...
it is so unusual. It really captures to bond between the two of you...

Rosie, Sophie and Jack....
sweet and purr-fect
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post
Apparently Rosie had a very eventful day.
They are all just so adorable! Rosie never fails to make me smile, Jack is just a complete sweetheart, and I just want to smoosh kisses all over Sophie!

Thank you for soooo many pics!

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I look forward to these every time! I just love your three kitties. I sure wish you were closer so I could come have a chat with Miss Rosie!
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I just think Rosie is the cutest!!! I would LOVE to have a chat with her!

And of course, your other furkids are adorable, too!
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Adorable as always....
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I LOVE your babies! Rosie never fails to crack me up. What a funny, sweet, and pretty girl she is. Beautiful Sophie is sophisticated and charming. And Jack is the man of the house. Always watching tv and showing off to his little sisters how handsome he is.
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You made my day with these pictures. The picture of Rosie at the bottom of your first post is adorable. She looks like she paused her chatter and is waiting for a reply!
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They are all so cute! I love the Rosie pictures Sophie's eyes are so pretty! I love how Jack is sleeping on your laptop Bayley does that to be all the time also

Great pictures as always!
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I was laughing all the way through seeing Rosie letting us know what she thinks

I agree with Lei that pic of you and Jack looking at each other deserves a frame. I love it.
Hes just grown up so much.
That pic of him sleeping on your laptop is precious.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of Soph, its the best pic ever. Just beautiful and deserves a frame, too.

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Great photos!
I love the way that Rosie is such a chatty cat.
My Siamese cat Milly is a big talker, I'm sure she would love to have a chat with Rosie sometime.
I just noticed that not only does Rosie have cute polka dotted toes but she also has cute polka dots in her mouth too.
She has such beautiful markings.
That first photo of Sophie is just beautiful.
I love the picture of her paw pads, are they all black or are some pink?
If they are all black then she has what I call "Panda Paws", my RB Samantha had cute panda paws.
Jack is such a handsome boy.
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Great to see your babies as always, but I have to say, your eye makeup in the 3rd to last pic is AMAZING!
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Wow, love these photos! If only my kids would make it so easy to get photos of them, LOL. Thank you for sharing, all three are adorable, but I do have to say that Rosie is certianly the most animated little thing, LOL. .
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There they are! The three most famous cats in England. Rosie looks like she can carry on a conversation all by her cute self. Jack has grown into such a handsome young man. And, of course, there is Miss Sophie, my absolute favorite. I agree with Pami that this picture is stunning.

Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Sophie sunbathing

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Thank you, Susan, for making me smile. Those pictures made my day!
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Awwwwwwwwwcute as ever Chick. I always think of Jack as the baby, but BOY, did he get big and beautiful!
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i love the sunbathing pics, flash does that she will sit on the windowsill as soon as the sun comes out

they are gorgeous lil ones
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pic of Soph, its the best pic ever. Just beautiful and deserves a frame, too.
That picture was taken when i zoomed in from the other side of the room, and i must admit it's a gorgeous one of her
Originally Posted by Vermontcat View Post
I love the picture of her paw pads, are they all black or are some pink?
Their black and pink
Originally Posted by sillyitiliangrl View Post
I have to say, your eye makeup in the 3rd to last pic is AMAZING!
Thank you! I've used the same colour for years which is a silvery grey
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Your furbabies are so cute I just love Rosie and wow!Sophie has some pretty eyes
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Something about your kitties, their settings, and the backdrop of your beautiful home, make yours the gold standard for picture posting.
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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You and your lovable three have made my day!
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I love tickling the toes to so they open! Too adorable! I love how Rosie's face is turned to the side in the first few photos, so cute. and that tongue! Love it! As always, a wonderful treat to see pics of your kittys.
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Oh Rosie, you can tell me all about it next time I see you, its lovely to see all your pictures, you all look well.
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Jack has gotten huge!

Oh and I use the same eyeshadow
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I've never had the privelege of seeing your kitties, but now that I have, I will be sure to look for your posts about them!! They are all 3 soo beautiful and you take such lovely pictures of them. I can really tell that they have a ton of personality. And the others are right, there are several pics in that set that deserve frames!
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I love checking out the "Rosie, Sophie, Jack" Fur Pictures Only threads!!!!!!!
Especially Rosie, she has so much to say!!!!!!!
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Rosie is sooo adorable!!! I LOVE the pics of her with her head tilted, so cute!!! And Sophie is soo purdyful!!! And Jack, handsome boy!! You can post as many pics of Rosie as you please!!! I really would like to know what she is saying in those pics!
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Oh my gosh! Those are great new pictures! Rosie really had a lot to say! Sophie looks so beautiful in those pictures! Handsome Jack sure does love his momma, doesn't he!
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