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Buddy, corrupted

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When I brought Buddy home, he was a mild-mannered, affectionate ball of fuzz. He was content to hang around the house, snuggling with Bill and me, lolling on our bed and looking out of windows.

Two months of exposure to Rowdy has introduced Buddy to the delights of engaging in mischievous behavior. It started with the "Mommy, I'm starving" song-and-dance and progressed to overturning trashcans and picking out an object to play with. Two a.m. is now a favorite time to run laps around the bed and bounce on Bill's head.

Since I don't have to be at work until 9:15, I had every intention of sleeping a bit later, this morning. At 5:00 a.m, I was awakened by the sound of objects rattling on the dresser and falling to the floor. The Budman was systematically clearing off the dresser and starting on the knickknack shelves that frame the mirror. Rowdy was sitting on the floor, watching and cheering him on.

Lest Rowdy get all of the credit/blame, for corrupting Buddy, Opie has taught him to sit on the windowsill and tease the dogs. I am well aware that the older cats will teach the younger ones but, did they HAVE to teach Buddy their naughty tricks?

I'm waiting for Buddy to come up with a few tricks of his own. Life should be very interesting, around here, for the next 10+ years.
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LOL I know how you feel! My Persians were the most mild mannered proper litle babies until Mystique began to teach them things like baby gates are for jumping and counters are for investagating and worst of all Kitchen greenhouse wingdows are to be rearranged and cleared daily!!
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He is the newbie - he is just trying to fit in an make a place for himself. It is like when you go to a new school, you have to do what your new friends tell to do!
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Fred tries to corrupt every cat that come in to my house. He gets in trouble for stealing my earplugs to play with, so he teaches the other to do it. Georgia can get them out of my ears without waking me!
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What a funny story! Sounds like something Eddie Haskell would do, LOL!

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I love watching what the cats teach each other. Sam was showing Bailey how to shred paper this morning. That's his last resort if he can't get me out of bed by jumping on me, he starts shredding magazines that are on the floor beside the bed. And Bailey was all eyes, watching him. I expect her to do the same thing tomorrow.
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None of my older cats were ever bad or in to things intill I got Grayski,He is teaching the older cats to do all kinds of bad thing's!
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