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I think Cleo wrecked my Camera

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I was giving Cleo a bath and she was just sitting in the sink purring.
I went to get the camera so I could take a video of her so everyone can see how easy it is to give her a bath.
I sat the camera down and went to grab some ear cleaner.
Cleo grabbed the camera and pulled it in the sink.
It got full of shampoo and water.
I tried to dry it out but it still will not work.
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Oh no! I guess she didn't want anyone seeing her taking a bath!

Still, that's a bummer!
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I am hoping I can fix it.
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Sounds like something Jake would do..I've been finding my cell phone on the floor, he loves to throw it. Thankfully he isn't around water much.
Just wait for it to dry and it might start working again. That's what happened to a phone of mine that was dropped into a toilet- it stopped working and then when it dried up was all fine.
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Originally Posted by spudsmom View Post
Oh no! I guess she didn't want anyone seeing her taking a bath!
Im sorry I know its not funny but this reason is
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She wanted the bath and was purring.
She never has purred getting a bath before.
Cleo stayed in the sink and reached out and grabbed the camera.
She has tried to take the cordless phone and the cell also.
Cleo and Sasha are thiefs.
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I've seen the look on her face when you've posted pics of her sporting some new ensemble. And you're wondering why she broke your camera?!

Just messing with ya. She always looks darling.
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Bummer! I guess she didn't want you posting nekkid pictures of her on the internet! Oh the scandal!

I too have had cell phones dry out and work fine - mine was run through the washing machine though... I hope your camera starts working again!!!
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Yeah, she must be one modest kitty! hehe..

It might be too late, but I'd read that taking out the battery right away and letting everything dry completely for 48 hours before putting the battery back in usually works. At least for phones... Worth a try anyway.

My cell phone fell out of my pocket into the toilet once (before i peed.. still gross though), and by the 2nd day it worked again!
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How long was it in the water? If it was very long, and the water was soapy, you will need to take the battery out and put it in distilled water for a little while, swishing it around to remove the soap. Then blow it off as much as you can with a hair dryer, but don't put the dryer too close to the camera; it can force water in where it hasn't gotten yet.

Then, put the camera under a lamp (something like a bedside lamp, not to hot, just enough to keep it warm for 24-48 hours. After that, examine it to see if you see water anywhere. If you do, put it under the lamp for some more time.

If it was on when it went in the water, it may have shorted some of the tiny components. And if you got water inside the lenses, that may be difficult to get out.
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