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Happy [day after] Earth Day to me!

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I just got home to find the city planting trees down both sides of the street in front of our house! There's 15-20 trees going in on our block as I type this.

Now, too bad were moving this year.
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That's awesome! It's a shame you won't be there long enough to enjoy them.

Our sub planted little oak trees all along our street 35 yrs ago but didn't stop and think about the electric lines above them. The trees are now huge and every so many years they have to chop the whole street side of the oaks and they look weird.

I love lots of trees, I have 8 in my yard
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I love lots of trees too. We'll at least get to enjoy them through the summer. The college across the street is also turning an empty muddy lot opposite our house into a small park. Unfortunately we're on a waiting list for a puppy and our landlord won't allow a dog here.
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im quite lucky in that i live in quite a wide and very quiet street which used to have around 20 sycamore (however you spell it, helicopter trees in other words) and totally out the blue the local council chopped them all down in one day when everyone was at work, we all came home to find short stumps down the street!

they then got the stumps up and re-surfaced the pavement (sidewalk over there isnt it?) and then re-surfaced the road.

they never asked anyone in the street if we had an opinion on this and as soon as it was done obviously its too late but our whole little comunity was furious!

im sure it was just to save a few quid on maintaining them or some silly health and safety nonsense? grrrrrrr!

anyway good for you on the arrival of your new saplings! wish we had some!
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