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Replacing a lost cat

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Hello everyone, I am new to this website so this is the first post i have made. Last week I lost my beloved Giuseppe (2 years old) to a car accident. We got Giuseppe and his brother Horatio 2 years ago, they are brothers from the same litter and spent every day together since their birth until Giuseppe's death. Coping with his death has been so much harder than I ever imagined and i have taken to all sorts of methods to cope with the loss. Today I decided I would contact the owners of our cats birth mum(Sue), I wasn't sure what I hoped to achieve from speaking to her owners but I called and asked did she have any other kittens but I was informed that she was since neutered but if i wanted I could take her as they have a new dog and can't give her the life she wants! Horatio is all on his own and although I'm nowhere near ready to replace Giuseppe, this is different as she is a part of Giuseppe and I thought that it may be nice for Horatio to be reunited with his mother. I don't know how he would take to a new cat as he is quite a nervous cat and does't like other animals much and he may not even realise that it is his mother.
i would just like to know anybody's thoughts on the matter, do you think it would be very weird? Would it be too much on both cats? Does it seem like I'm trying to replace Giuseppe? My Fiance has said no way, it's too soon and will be too tugh on horatio to get used to but i have perked up so much since hearing and I would love to know what everybody else thinks. Any advice would be greatly accepted.
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I am so sorry for your loss! R.I.P Giuseppe I do not think you would be replacing your cat at all, instead you would be providing another cat with a home.
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I am so sorry about Giuseppe. What a terrible thing to have happened.

Of course, you can never replace Giuseppe - he was unique and there will never be any other cat exactly like him. But you can certainly open your heart and home to another cat, who rather than being a replacement for Giuseppe, will be a blessed addition to your family.

If you are ready to do this, and it sounds like you are, I think it is worth a try. Horatio is probably lonely and needs a friend, and his momcat now needs a new home as well. I can understand how this is a special circumstance where two members of a family would be reunited. I think it's a wonderful idea.

I'm sorry that it was Giuseppe's loss that brought you to TCS, but you will find that there are wonderful people here who will help you with all aspects of reintroducing Horatio's mom to him if you decide to do that. Many of us also understand the difficulty and sadness of coping with the death of a beloved family member, so please let us know how you're doing.
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For me, getting another cat/kitten is helping a broken heart heal. You won't ever forget Giuseppe, so please don't feel guilty

Have a search in the Behaviour forum for tips on doing intros for Horatio and the new addition. If you need any help on that just send me a pm


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I`m so sorry for your loss

Like everyone else has said, It`s not that your replacing him because you could never do that, it`s more that you are filling the void that he has left.

I really don`t think that is weird at all to take on their mother, in fact I think that is a very sweet thing to do

When I lost Kitty I took in Sooty a few weeks after and having him really helped with the grieving and I got to bond more with Maisie too. Of course you will carry on greiving and think of him every day and sometimes the grief overwhelms you but having that new little one that needs lots of love and care gives you something positive to focus on.

I hope you do get herand that everything works out. I`d be interested to hear how they get along.

Rest In Peace sweetie
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Thanks so much to everyone for all your helpful advice, I'm so glad I found this website as it has made the whole grieving process slightly easier. It's difficult to explain to non pet owners how you're feeling and me and my fiance have had several people wonder what the big deal is as he was "only a cat!"
As it happens the owner of my cats mum has decided that she doesn't want to give her up so we will not be taking her after all, but just thinking about it has helped me move on a bit because I am now thinking about other cats whereas when Giuseppe first passed i didn't want to see any cats except Horatio! so i'm excited about introducing a new cat or kitten down the line and have got loads of helpful advice on this website.
So to anybody else that has recently lost a beloved pet, it is true that time is a great healer and it will get easier to cope with your loss.
Thanks again.
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