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Bad news.....

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I have some bad news, last tuesday I was in bed sleeping when I woke up to cali biting my hands hard, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with her so I set her on the floor and rolled over to go back to sleep but she wouldn't let me be. she kept biting and meowing, and guardian kept batting me in the face and trying to pull the blankets off of me. I figured they were unusually hungry and got up to feed them. when I opened my bedroom door my dog started howling his head off and trying to get out of his pen. Thats when I noticed something wasn't right, our apartment was filled with smoke! I immediatly called 911. I of course grabbed my daughter first and rushed her out shes only two so I couldn't leave her outside alone, but good thing my other neighbors were heading out so I handed my daughter to one of the ladies I trusted and ran back into my apartment I know that was stupid, but I couldn't leave my animals inside, It was really smokey now even though I couldn't see where the fire was I grabbed aries first because he was the closest and just pushed him out the door(my neighbors all know him and grabbed him for me) I went back in for cali and guardian knowing that they were probably under the bed, all the power in the apartment then went out and I couldn't see anything, I tried calling for them but they wouldn't come. so using my cell phone light I looked under the bed and thank god guardian and cali were under there and guardian was laying on top of cali protecting her. I grabbed guardian by the scruff of his neck and pulled him out and put him in his carrier then went back for cali she wasn't really moving and was limp when I picked her up, I started bawling because I thought she was dead, but I grabbed guardian and rushed them both out, The firemen were there by now and I got a scolding for running back in for my animals but then a fireman walked up and saw cali in my arms and grabbed her from me and rushed her to the ambulence and gave her oxygen. She came around and started meowing. I don't think ive ever been so happy then when I heard that meow! So all in all this story had a good outcome but the bad news is Cali breathed in alot of smoke and it may have hurt the kittens. I took her to the vet yesterday morning and he could still feel the babies moving so that was awesome news. I owe my and my daughter's life to cali and guardian, If it wasn't for them I would have probably never woke up. Im just hoping that god is still with us and calis kittens will be ok.

On another note we got to move back into our apartment today! Found out the fire started in the basement a breaker box started on fire. little flames alot of smoke. cali and guardian are doing fine besides for a small hacking cough.
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How scary! I'm glad everyone is okay though - and what good kitties to let you know about the fire!
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OMG!! That must have been really scary!! I am glad everyone is ok here are some good for Cali's kittens
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OHHH my - I'm glad you got everyone out even tho you risked your life

Hopefully everyone will be ok, but if the smoke did damage to the kittens, you know you did your best. I'm not sure what to suggest - maybe talk to your vet and see what they say regarding Cali and her kittens.

Cali is a little hero!
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I'm sorry about what happened. I'm glad everyone is fine. I hope Cali and the kittens will be ok. I will keep them in my prayer. How many more days does Cali have left before the kittens are born?
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for the kittens and a big thank God for your kitties waking you up!
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Thank you all so much for your comments and prayers, Cali has 21 days left in her pregnancy so Im hoping the kittens are far enough along to be ok.
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Your cats are true heros!
I'm so glad that they all survived!
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That is sooo scarey!!!!

So glad everyone got out safe
and yay for the kitties ... they're heroes ... and Guardian must really love Cali

that the kittens will be ok!!
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OMG ...what an incredible story...I pray the babies are ok...and that all humans and animals stay healthy...
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Oh, prayers for your whole familiy after this scare, and special prayers for momma to be - I hope the kittens are ok. What a story - I hope it continues to be a happy story and ending for little hero Cali.
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I'm glad to hear that everyone made it out OK. I got chills reading your story and we all know going back for anything isn't wise but I think any of us here would have done the same thing especially considering it was the cats that alerted you to the danger in the first place. Sounds like Gaurdian really lived up to his name last week. I hope all the kittens are ok too.
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How frightening. Guardian really lived up to his name. Glad you're all safe. for Cali and her babies.
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Wow! That should be on the news! Those kitties are heroes! I hope her babies are OK!
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Fortunately you all got out - how frightening that must have been! that the kittens are okay.
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Amazing story... I wouldn't call bad news though... That's truly the best news ever! Cali and Guardian were heroes, and let's not forget about the firefighter, who took Cali to the Ambulance for Oxigen, treating her with the same care and respect he would treat a human being. Thumbs up for him, and vibes for you, your daughter, Guardian and Cali
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You guys are all real hero's!
I'm glad everything is alright now, and that Cali's kittens are alright...
for everyone
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hey, you, your daughter, all of the animals got out - i'd call that good news, not bad!

glad Cali [& everyone else] made it out ok... that the smoke she inhaled won't hurt the babies!
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OMG!!! So glad you are all ok and fingers crossed for the babies! I cried (I'm blaming it on hormones lol) when I got to the bit about Cali and Gaurdian under the glad they're both ok.
What an amazing job Cali and Gaurdian did, very impressive!! And a big pat on the back to the fireman and paramedics for helping out!
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