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Moose @ Home!

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Again.. thanks for the congratulations & to everyone who commented about/complimented Moosie! I don't know his exact age (or background story) but I think he's further on in his years. Teeth aren't in the best shape, missing many of them as well as has broken ones. His coat is a strange pattern.. on one of his sides there are even spots! he is.. finally at home!

Look at that worried little face!!! Poor sweetie pie was so confused..

Curious as to where he was headed this time..

The occasion called for celebratory belly rubs!

I adopted him for decorative purposes only.


Pumpkin & Moose sizing each other up.. hmmm..

OK, OK.. Kita was the real reason he went up there!
"Don't be fwightened kitty! I wuuuuv me some cute kitties!"


..pew!!! MA! He stinks!

This guy is almost as tall as the counters! He's lean, but 15 whole lbs of cuddly lovin'!

Taking a nap above my head while I was editing the pics.. so happy he's here!!
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He's got six toes, doesn't he? He is too cute. And "Moose" is a very appropriate name.
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awww isnt he gorgeous

i just love the pic where hes up ontop of the cupboards
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That last picture is so great...looks like he is settling in.

If he's old, he's takes some energy to get up on those cabinets!
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Oh I am in love What a handsome boy

I cant believe your cats are so calm with him there and he looks just as calm, that is amazing.
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Wow, I can't believe how calm he looks either!

He is just absolutely darling!

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I Moosie!!!!!

mitted Lynx point with extra toes! And he is a big boy! I just wanna give him a big squuueeeeeeze! I luv big luvey males!!!
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Moose is a big sweetie. He looks like he fits right in with the rest of the clan. Give him a bigggg squeeze for me!
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What a gorgeous cat! I also love the pics on top of the funny! Looks like he is gonna fit right in.
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He's extra fabulous, with those fantastic toes!

I just love big cuddly baby boys. So cute and calm!
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I adopted him for decorative purposes only

Aw, he's such a lover and so beautiful! I'm also suprised he looks so calm.
I love his name!
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