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Bellatrix's Babies 1st Pics!

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Well heres Momma and her little'uns. After an eventful birth ( 4 breech problems delivering 2 kittens....had to ease them out and had to ease out 3 placentas) she is happy all are healthy and lively already! Can't believe she only had 5 had a feel around and 5 seems to bit the lot but here's the pictures..........

Momma and Babies

Babies...soooo cute

Black No 1

Black No2

Black No 3

Black and white No 1

Black and white No 2.....very lively and wiggly couldn't get a decent photo even holding him/her

Black and white No 2 quiet and still with momma!
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BEautiful momma and kittens! Congrats!!
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Aww, they're soo beautiful!
Yes, she did look like she'd have more, but I suppose looks can be decieving
congrats Bellatrix!
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They all look very nice!
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Aren't they precious?

Do you plan of having Bellatrix spayed after she has weaned the kittens?
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Oh my goodness They are all so precious!
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Awww they remind me of black jelly beans Its hard to tell all white or all cream tabbies, but blacks.......that will be a real challange.
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I'm happy to hear that beautiful Bellatrix and all 5 of her adorable babies are doing well.
I just love black & white and black kitties.
I hope you post lots of photos of them as they grow.
Are you planning on keeping any of the babies?
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Have you weighed them? I'm just curious since I have a litter of 5 the comparable weights on them.

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Hi I have just weighed them for the 1st time they were born wed nigh/ thursday morning so they are 2/3 days old
4 of the little porkers 2 blacks and 2 black and white are about 150grams ( 148-152) and one of the Blacks is a whopping 175grams!
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Wow, they all sound good and healthy!
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