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Mango and Herbie

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Mango exploring my 1995 Ford Explorer (hes on the roof of it)

Mango hangin out in my room.

Mango in my bed watching me on my laptop.

Mango chillin by the kiddie pool on Canada Day which was a hot day that 30 degrees celsius.

Herbie playing in the yard.

Mango is bigger than Herbie and wears a blue collar, whereas Herbie has a red collar and is slimmer and smaller.
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Well, I can see who your favorite is!

I love orange kitties!!!
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Boy are they cute!! Orange kitties are awesome! Would love to see a few more of Herbie.
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Aw, Herbie and Mango are so cute. I second the request for more Herbie pics!
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what a lovely pic´s my friend!... thanks for share!...
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I just got to my parents house in Vegreville today.I took a few Herbie pics and will be posting some within the next few days.
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Love Mango's cheshire grin! Herbie and Mango are great looking kitties! I agree, orangies are awesome!
Can't wait to see more of Herbie ....
Thanks for sharing
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