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Boy cat beating up girl cats on kitty litter!

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I've spent most of the day reading through posts about inappropriate peeing etc. because one of my cats appeared to have that problem. But I am starting to think otherwise. You see I have three cats - Midge who is about 12, Ian who's 5 and Lilly who is nearly 2.

Recently Midge has started peeing in the loungeroom and this is not like Midge at all so I took her to the vet who said she had slight cystitis (no infection) but was otherwise healthy. Midge has suddenly become terribly frightened, and won't use the kitty litter (which caused the cystitis) and now won't go outside. So I put Midge on Clomicalm to calm her down a bit and see how things go.

About an hour ago I was sitting out the back and Lilly was digging a hole to go pee when out of nowhere Ian jumped on her. Lilly threw herself to the ground, was obviously frightened of him (Ian is HUGE) and when I came to her rescue she took off inside.

Ian is beating up the girls when they go to the toilet!!!!!!!!!!! He also weighs about 10 kilos (maybe 25 pounds I think) and Midge is tiny. Ian has also just taken on the role of alpha male after the death of Raoul (who was 17 or 18 and the protector of all things female).

Can someone tell me should it be Ian on the Clomicalm? Midge has been on the tablets only 3 days can she come off them? All the cats are desexed, house cats and this is the first time I've ever had this sort of problem.

My home is really small (a garden flat we call them here, but it's an apartment with a small courtyard) and I can't separate the cats at night because I don't have the room. I would really really love to get some impartial advice. Thanks so much.
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I would talk to your vet about it - sometimes they suggest putting all the cats in the households on meds - sometimes they don't want certain cats on it - etc.

Another thing you can look into are Feliway diffusers.

How many litterboxes do you have? The general rule of thumb is one more litterbox than you have kitties.
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Thanks Nat, I have 3 litter trays, but most of the time the cats prefer to go outside and the trays are only used sometimes at night (or on rainy days). Ian actually has a spot in the common garden area that he uses but he seems to have stopped going there recently. I am a firm believer in Feliway and I put a diffuser where Midge was peeing in the lounge and even that didn't stop her.

After Raoul died in November my 20 year old dog, Teddy, died in January. Is it possible that Ian is stressed or just taking over from Raoul and Ted? Ian seems to be taking on Ted's role in the house (helping in the garden, watching TV with me etc). The last thing I ever wanted to do was put the cats on anti-depressants and frankly the thought of giving them all tablets is scary - 3 bombed out cats!
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Cats are very sensitive creatures - I do believe they know when people or other pets "leave the family". So it could well be that Ian is trying to determine what his role in the house is, an adjust to the changes.
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