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Crackberry, Indeed!

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Like I said in my other post in What's New, Pussycat?, Genever would love nothing more than to chew on phones all day long, by what we see when she sees a phone precariously placed on the floor or the sofa or what have you and vigorously attacks it. I drop my phone all the time so it's scratched up anyway, but I still don't want her gnawing away at it, but her daddy (my BF) has a Blackberry for work, which he resents being forced to have, so, since that phone - plus its special magnetic case, which bears most of the biting - seem to be her favorite catch, he lets her play with it.


Oh I am so done with this phone. Until it buzzes again.
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Those are great!
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Careful she doesn't learn to use it and rack up a bill!
Great pics!!! Genever is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by DarkMavis View Post
"All fixed!"

What a silly, cute quirk! She is so gorgeous.. the ticket to getting away with a lot of stuff!
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Thanks for the compliments!

Yeah, it'll be funny if one day BF gets called into his manager's office and gets questioned about some excessive phone calls... This is why i don't let her play with mine. And of course, she didn't even look at the cell phone chew toy i bought her, so I gave it to a real dog instead.
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Heh. It's cute that she only wants to chew on the real cell phones and not the toy one. Of course, probably not as cute for the BF, but oh well. A girl's gotta chew what a girl's gotta chew!
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So funny!
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What a gorgeous little chewer she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Daddy will finally be home today from his business trip, and I know she'll be so happy to see him! And his phone, of course..

In the meantime, she's had to make do with straws and her bone.. (these were actually taken a few weeks ago. but it still applies.)

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