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Peeing problems...help!!!

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My cat is peeing in my house and it's driving me nuts. Here is what happens. The magority of the time she will pee in her litter box, however if I leave over night and she is left at home with my family, she usually ends up peeing on somebodies bed. Or if I am getting ready to go somewhere or somebody else is or she senses something, she pees. It's starting to get to the point where I can't even go somewhere over night or anything and before I leave the house, I always make sure I take the covers off my bed. Usually she pees on a bed or a rug or clothes. I really don't know what to do. Please help.
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There is some dynamic going on where kitty is angry at you. In the meantime, you could try baiting her away from her bad behavior by maybe sacrificing an item of your clothes in a litterpan and seeing if she will go for that substitute for her agression.
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Be sure to clean the area where she has inappropriately peed with an enzymatic cleaner such as Urine Gone.

Some people swear by Feliway and Rescue Remedy.
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Welcome to TCS!

If you could answer a few questions - we can better offer advice & guidance to help you through this.

1) Is your kitty spayed?
2) How many litterboxes do you have?
3) Is she an only kitty?
4) How often do you clean the litterboxes (scoop & dump/change all litter)?
5) Does she have an aversion to someone in the household, or does someone not like her?
6) When was her last vet check?
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