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12 day old Kittens Stopped Pooping!

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I recently took in two orphaned kittens who are about 12 days old, ones eyes are already open and their getting really big! The vet gave them de wormer which made them poop a little but in the past almost 24 hours they havent pooped. We've tried everything! We've tried doing the cotton ball thing, rubbing their tummys, suppositories (that definately didn't work out, all they did was push it back out.), and we just tried petroleum jelly around the anus ( I saw that on the internet) but nothing will make them go, but hopefully this new formula will make them go. I'm just so terrified of them dying, but they seem to be thriving and their fun and playful and eat okay and their moving around good, but I just cant make them poop!!! Any suggestions on how to make them poop quickly?

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I'd call your vet - sometimes with bottle babies I've had to take them to the vet to have the vet make them potty.
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How long have you had the kittens? Were they pooping before? How often? Have you changed their food recently? Sorry, I just have a lot of questions and no suggestions. My first thought was to give them a little more time to adjust, but if this is a dramatic change from what they were doing you should at least call your vet to ask about it. Then he/she can tell you if you need to bring the kittens in.
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I would take them to the vet to make sure they aren't stopped up. My Torti didn't poop for about a week, even with stimulation, and the vet told me she wasn't stopped up and didn't feel anything, and a day later she pooped (Quite a large poo!) It may just be that they don't -need- to poop right now, but the Vet can give you better info on that! My kitten didn't poop but once or -maybe- twice a day, sometimes not even that often when she was still being bottle fed. But that is just one kitten, it's not always the same story for any kitten. I am curious about the suppositories, is that a common thing to use on kittens, or is there a "kitten" form of them? Never heard of using that before, and would think they could do more harm than any help...?
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