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The desert is full of color

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....if you know where to look.

We have had, without fail since I moved here, spectacular sunsets, every evening. Tonight was no exception, and with the distant storm clouds, the colors were even more vibrant and varied.
Unfortunately, pictures simply do not do it justice.

Fire in the sky, sunset on the Mojave.

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That's gorgeous! I love sunsets.
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That's beautiful. I really enjoyed driving through Nevada and Arizona on a vacation before-- it's really another world out there.
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Oh wow thats gorgeous!
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Beautiful! I love sunsets too!
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Those are beautiful!!
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I love the pictures.
We have drove through the Mojave before and Arizonia.
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Those are great shots hon usually i take shots like that but you're up on me...then again you have many chances at getting that great shot that i do hopefully one of these days i'll get off my rump and go out and try some sunset shots on the coast out here in San Diego.
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Isn't that the truth! Your picture is gorgeous but like you said, pictures never do it justice. I've been so amazed at some of these sights and tried to capture them over and over again, but none ever come close to the beauty I'm witnessing right before my eyes.

I'm excited for monsoon season! Love the electrical lightning "storms". Or whatever they are called!
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Originally Posted by CatNurse22 View Post
That's gorgeous! I love sunsets.
Another vote for the sunsets too!...
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Thanks all!

Jenna, keep the monsoons

I live in a trailer (not a mobile home, but the travel kind), and I don't like the winds that come with.
Every gust sounds and feels like someone has driven into the side of my home
Last year I lost my awning to the monsoon winds, I'm lucky it didn't tear my wall out.
I do enjoy all the rain and the pretty light shows though.

Some of the best electrical storms to be seen though are scross the badlands of South Dakota in the summer.
Nothing like driving out there at night, with Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder CD playing in the background and watching the distant lightning fork across the sky.
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