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Solving the sleeping arangements

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IN my squished up room the cats don't have anywhere they can sleep next to me.

the problem is, they are very cuddly and want to sleep together. But the DVR they like only fits one cat.

So I found a compromise. Putting a blanket over the printer seems to solve it. This is the blanket the little babies were raised on while bottle feeding. they love it, and sleep on it no matter where i put it.

But they for some reason prefer sleeping on my luggage. Ever since I got home they won't let me put it away because they sleep on it. Unfortunately it's mighty hairy now. but you can see how snuggly they are. Wilbur pretends he doesn't care. but he's almost always the one to make the effort to find Tinker and lay down there.

I know I brag a lot about these guys but I have the best cats ever.
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Hey, you can brag. It's fine with us here. And of course we love pics!
(Some of us have an emotional investment in these two -- remember? )
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I have a suitcase cat bed, too. It's a special favorite.
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I know I brag a lot about these guys but I have the best cats ever.
We ALL brag a lot about our cats or we wouldn't be here
What cute cuddle butts!!
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..and I bet they're as in love with you as you are with them! That's a regular PB&J right there.. they go great together! They even match!

Bragging means more pics.. and more pics means more fun for us!
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Aw, they look so cute together. You have every right to brag, and as long as the bragging is accompanied by pics, it's all good.
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They are so gorgeous! Tinker looks so much like my partner's cat, Trixie - you can see her at this link
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Wow thanks everyone you're all so nice. Sometimes I feel like I'm just posting too many pictures lol and people are going to get sick of it
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So cute! They love each other very much! And you are so good to them too!

Keep right on bragging, so long as we get pictures!!!!
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OMG!! They are both so cute and the last pic is so sweet
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What awesome and adorable pics!! And everyone else is right, it's okay to brag here, it's the cat site!!
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