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In Memory of Wilda

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Remembering my sweet kitty
born twenty years ago this month,
died five years ago this month,
my little love.

April 4, 1989 - April 23, 2004

just born

young years

with superior "above you" look on her face

later years
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Many good thoughts coming your way Wilda.
What a gorgeous girl
You are remembered, loved and missed.

~Hugs to you and your family, Cat
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What a precious little face

Keep an eye on your mummy, Wilda.
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What a lovely tribute.
From a tiny kitten to the gorgeous kitty that she became...

Beautiful Wilda...always in your heart.
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What a pretty girl

Rest in Peace, Wilda
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beautiful and moving tribute. thank you for sharing.
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Beautiful Tribute! What a cutie she is!
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Wilda crossed Rainbow Bridge a gorgeous little girl

Have fun sweetie pie

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She was a beautiful baby girl - obviously very loved.

They always live on in our hearts!

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