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Update on Liquorice

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Well! Liquorice has been with his new Mum and Dad less than a week and they are enchanted by him. The lady who took him really wanted an all black cat (Liquorice was showing early signs of developing dark grey circles on his sides and two dark grey stripes down his back) and she didn't say anything to me but she was a bit funny about his colour. (Really, how can you base how much you will like a kitten solely on his colour?) Anyway, now she loves him to bits and he rules their house. Apparently, he eats like a horse, used his tray perfectly from the minute he got there, lounges in front of their heater, using his favourite mousie toy as a pillow and is thoroughly spoilt!

I am really glad he has gone to such a good home!

A friend of mine thinks he is part exotic someting from the markings he is beginning to show and how long his legs are. Is there a breed that has a colour like his?

The best thing is, the lady and her hubby are going on a weekend-long conference in a couple of weeks and guess who gets to have the little guy back for a couple of days? I hope he isn't too confused by coming back here but I think he's really established himself in his new home.
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I am glad he is being adored! Great job Tania.....again.......you and snugglekittie.
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Thanks MA. All I can say is TGFSK!!
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I am so glad Licorice is doing well in his new home...I wouldnt care what color breed a cat was, I would want it nomatter what!....That is cool that you get to keep him though while his new owners go out of town....
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It's great Liquorice is doing so well in his new home. Nice job, Tania!
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That's realy good Tania! That Liq. has a good home!

Part Exotic meaning S/H Persian? or Bombay or Bengal or something? Please clarify! Thanks .. Sam
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good job!
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