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Hello From South Dakota!

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Hello and a big warm hug from South Dakota! I'm 17 and have raised my cat straight from birth for many years since I was very little, he was the first pet I was given responsibility over and we are still together to this day.

I named him Skunk because of the white patch on his forhead, large whiskers and the fact he has a small tail(accident), to me it seemed to fit. Now he's also your basic Maincoone type of cat with that fluffy tuff of fur under the chin that makes it look like their wearing some kinda suit, heck he even sits up all proper and will sometimes hold his head high as if he believes he is above us all. At times Skunk will act very haughty and stiff, he doesn't get along well with others and will growl and snarl. But to those close to him he's very sweety adorable. He plays outside alot and will bring home anything from rabbits, birds and even snakes..only problem their usually still alive.

Even though its obvious he tries to hide it, Skunk in every word and meaning, is 100% mommas boy, he wont listen to anyone but me, come to my call, sometimes he will sit on the counter and watch me cook while behaving to,he'll sit in the window for hours if need be until I come home and at times will try and follow me downtown, we made it 7 blocks once before I noticed he'd followed me. He doesn't like to be to far away from me and although he may seem like a big cat, most of it all is lots of muscle from how long he plays outside

He's very stubborn though, likes tuna,chicken, has a problem with literally chewing on my shoes and licking my toes

He can be a twerp with his own spiked kitty collar I have for him..but he has a big warm heart under it all.

"a close up picture of Skunk"

"wearing his winter oufit to go play in the snow & keep warm"
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A big...

Thanks for sharing the photos of Skunk! He's adorable!!!

Glad you've joined!
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Welcome to TCS! Skunk is a very handsome boy. I look forward to seeing more of you and Skunk around the forums.
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Hi there we're so happy to get the chance to welcome you and your furfamily to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions
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Welcome to TCS!! Adorable pics of Skunk - I like your description of him - very similar personality to my MaineCoon, JC! Looking forward to reading your posts in the forums susan
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Hi TheTerribleDuo and sweet Skunk.
Welcome to TheCatSite.
Please make yourselves at home.
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Welcome neighbor - we live in SW side of Minnesota (about 3 hrs from Sioux Falls). If you are close to Sioux Falls, there is a cat show in October. If you want to attend for the fun of it, let me know (pm me) and I'll give you info.
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hello, my name is John, welcome to the site. I love the picture of Skunk in his winter outfit
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Hello & welcome to tcs. Love the pic of Skunk in his outfit.
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