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Can you spoil your cat/kitten too much?

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Hi all,

Sorry for the random question...didn't really know how to word it!

We have a cat and kitten right now. The cat is almost 3 and ever since she was a kitten I have devoted alot of time to her. Most mornings and nights I would be playing with her, or taking her outside on a leash for a walk. I've always been told that I spoil the cat too much since I spend numerous hours with her per day when i'm not working. I don't believe it has affected anything else in my life, and feel that I should let the cat have fun instead of just sleeping all day. The only problem is she gets a bit too "whiny" when she wants to go outside. I have a tough time saying no, as I do feel the cat should enjoy itself.

The reason I ask is because I do believe it may become a problem in the future. I can't imagine doing the same things that I am doing 10 years down the road if I have children. Now that we have a kitten, I don't want to make the same mistakes (if i've made mistakes) while she grows up.

Anyways, just looking for any advice in trying to gradually show the cat that she can't occupy most of my free time anymore.

Hope this makes sense!

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Here are our kitties:

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ah yes..spoiled cats..I don't know really whether or not there's a limit or line one should cross when it comes to how much we fall for their big cute eyes thus allowing them whatever they please, I to have fallen for such things, heck I bring home tuna every time I come home from the store and had it for a pattern for so long like that my cats immediately knew to hit the kitchen when I came home.

Now if one wishes to stop? well possibly ignore,try to show that their not the certain of your life..good luck though because I'm still trying! ^_^

Is there a limit to spoildness? perhaps..I try to hold back the amount of tuna..set a curfew for when they should come in, try to keep them from sleeping on the couches hours on end.

In my opinion it simply depends on whether one can look away from the big cuty eyes and say no..and extremely hard thing to do
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