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Cats and Closets?

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Have you ever caught your cat sleeping in your closet? I've found him numerous times laying on the floor of my closet, is it warm or maybe cool? these are things I've wondered..I was once scared out of my head when I opened said closet and found that Skunk had pushed himself in between two laundry baskets and all you could see was his little eyes..absolutely terrified me cause I had no idea! just saw the eyes of some creature peeking out from the darkness of my closet!....wonderful night that was
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It is disconcerting to go in the closet for something and have these eyes staring up at you. Fiona loves closets! I leave a nice space for her with a blanket in my closet. I don't fight it anymore!
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I keep the closet shut all the time, wouldn't want to shut one of 'em in it!
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About a year ago, when we were still living in Virginia, ever since I had brought Bella home she loved to go in the closet. It was a two door one, you know the ones you push to the side and they kinda zigzag to the corners? Well I had a bunch of boxes and a three-layer basket in the center, and she would go all the way to the back to lay on the boxes (I would freak out when I couldn't find her) and she would lay in the top layer of the basket. She looooved the closet.

Ever since we moved she doesn't go in the closet unless I'm in there. It could be because when we were moving I put her in there so she wouldn't run out while we were moving in. Or it could be that it's not right by the bed and it's REALLY crowded in there. Not sure, but she never goes in there unless it's when I'm in looking for what to wear.
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Both my cats like going into the closets. I think it's something about closed doors - they're offensive to cats, and they simply must see what's behind them! I often have to open the closet so one of them can go in, even though they don't stay in there long.
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Micha prefers hiding behind books in a bookcase. She is an outdoor cat, but likes to play inside sometimes - her favorite game is hide and seek. (She is always the one who hides - and me always the one who seeks!) Sometimes I find her because the tips of her ears are visible above the books, and sometimes I have to pull books out until I find her staring back at me. Sometimes, though, the surprise is on her: her movement sends volumes falling to the floor! When that happens, I usually hear it before I see it, and find her stolling nonchalantly down the hall with a slighly guilty (but denying) look on her face!
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Originally Posted by plainjane View Post
I keep the closet shut all the time, wouldn't want to shut one of 'em in it!
But no matter how hard I try not to, I still manage to lock one of them in the closet. DW is more guilty of this than I am; in a hurry to get to work and then later in the day I find one of them missing so I check all the closets and sure enough I will find one or even both in a closet (and mad).
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One of our domestics, his name is Baxter, loves the closet. Even when I keep the door closed, he finds a way to open it.
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