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Prayers needed please!! C-section

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I know I haven't posted anything on here yet, but I joined because I found out my longhair cat, Sox, was pregnant and so I wanted to read some of the threads here and talk to everyone...well I never did get around to posting, but now I am. Sox's pregnancy is an accidental one, a family member unknowingly let her out while she was in heat and she mated with the feral un-neutered male who hangs around. I do have experience with pregnant cats, birth and raising kittens.
Well she went into the first stage of labor on monday. Then yesterday her water broke, and an hour and a half later she gave birth to a beautiful tiny boy(at least, I think..haha!). He was breech. He's healthy and happy, a very cute grey tabby who we named Jackson(he was delivered when an Alan Jackson song was lpaying, and we call his dad it fit. Get it, jacks-son? lol!). I felt what I believed to be 2 more kittens inside her, but she decided to take a rest and that was fine. Then she decided she would go ahead and just not have any more kittens So there she lay, not doing anything for hours and hours. She wasn't pushing and wasn't distressed whatsoever. Just nursing and cleaning her baby happily. The vet's was closed and I had no choice but to wait and watch and pray. The vet opened at 7:45am this morning and I called them the second it changed from 7:44 to 7:45. The vet told me to bring her right in, so obviously that is what I did. The vet took x-rays and said there were 2 more kittens, but they were not far enough down and weren't attempting to come out at all. One, on the x-ray, looks like it may have an abnormality with it as it's spine is curved..but she can't tell if that is just the way he/she is laying or if the baby really does have a problem. In her opinion, she said she thought a C-section would be the best way for her and the kittens, because she was not sure if Sox could deliver them without having major uterus problems afterwards. Since that is what's best for them, she'll be having a C-section today. As far as I'm aware, she was taken into surgery about an hour ago. They don't keep their sections overnight(no overnight staff, and if any problems came up with the mother or kittens, nobody would be there) so we will be picking her, Jackson and HOPEFULLY her other 2 kittens up at 4:30. They asked if I wanted them to spay her at the same time and I said yes. She was going to be getting spayed in a few weeks anyway, so might as well get it all done at once!

Please keep Sox and her babies in your thoughts, and pray that everything goes well with the surgery and that both babies are healthy and alive!!! I'm so worried about them, but I know they're all in great hands.
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Best wishes to you and the little momma for a safe delivery and healthy babies. She's lucky to have you.
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Here's vibes for a quick recovery. However, is there any reason why they just cannot remove the uterus, etc. when they do the c-section instead of putting her thru another surgery of spaying in a few weeks?
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Oh gosh, I hope Sox is ok; keep us updated!
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Prayers for your cat.
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Hope all goes/went well.
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Sending lost sof vibes

Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
However, is there any reason why they just cannot remove the uterus, etc. when they do the c-section instead of putting her thru another surgery of spaying in a few weeks?
She said in her post that she would be spayed today.
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for mom and babies. What are you doing with the one she already had while she's in surgery?
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Oh, I hope everything goes alright!!
for Sox and babies!
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Prayers and for Momma and babies
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goldenkitty; she did get spayed today. that was what I said, that they would just go ahead and remove her uterus while they were already in there!

goldycat; they kept her kitten so she could have him with her until the last moment. When she was in surgery, they put him on a heating pad(not directly on, but you know what I mean) and took care of him.

Well I got to pick her up early! They called and said she was ready. The surgery went well and she is great. In the end she had 2 girls, 1 boy. 1 girl(the one who the vet said she thought may have a birth defect) was already gone and in heaven when they delivered her.. She said she would not have survived even if she had been born correctly and alive. So Sox has 1 girl and 1 boy now. The problem we're having is that she's still sort of out of it from the anesthesia and she is not allowing either kitten to nurse or be near her. If they try to nurse, she tries to attack them. She's just walking around the room finding random spots to crash and growl at the air. Poor girl is pretty sore and painful..can't really blame her. So we are feeding the kittens KMR milk and all 3 have 24/7 supervision until she, hopefully(!), returns to being a good momma and feeding them on her own.
Thanks for the support and well wishes everyone!!!
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I'm so glad everything went alright, and I'm really sorry that your little girl didn't make it
Keep us updated on how the kittens are!
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my mama cat had a c-section and was spayed last year. she had one baby. she was REALLY out of it when I picked her up and they told me that the kitten seemed confussed on nursing and she didn't know what to do so I may have to do it and they didn't know if her milk would come in. I tried and tried to get the baby to take a bottle and he refused. so then had to pat her and keep her there and finally got him on a nipple....... I was so freaked over what the next few weeks would bring. but once she "woke up" from the surgery and wasn't out of it she ended up being a GREAT mom and took over doing everything (well besides bringing the baby to me to watch in the middle of the night since they were in my bedroom! LOL) and she had plenty of milk!!!! hope your mama does the same!
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Keller had a c-section as well. She was a bit groggy and didn't have any milk for about 24 hrs. I fed the babies with a syringe every 2 hrs. Once her milk came in she was fine with the babies and has turned out to be a great momma!
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They are all doing wonderfully today! Sox slept it off for a few hours after we brought her home, then woke up and painfully dragged her way to her babies' box and laid down with them and let them nurse. Even when it hurt, she'd meow but wouldn't hurt them or anything anymore. Yay! She's being an awesome mom.
I'm glad you guys said something about the milk not coming in, because the vet didn't tell me ANYTHING about that and sure enough, she doesn't have any milk at all. It's been over 24 hours and there is still nothing there. I'm bottle feeding them right now but hopefully it'll come in soon!! It DOES come back eventually, right??
Either way, Sox is recovering great and the babies are vigorous and strong little kittens
I named the girl Sissy. The reason is when Sox's water broke, the song Sissy's Song by Alan Jackson was on. Hence naming the boy Jackson, and the girl Sissy. They are different names, but fit them both pretty well.
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Aww, I'm so glad her motherly instincts kicked in
She sounds like a very good mom!
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My vet told me where angel was spayed she may not get milk. are you SURE she doesn't have any? don't forget kittens are better at getting it out than anything else is.... Angel didn't look like she had much the first couple days but then around her nipples got bigger and bigger at least in the back ones the front never looked like they did. and little man would ONLY nurse from the very TOP nipple not the full back ones! LOL but he grew and grew and grew. hahaaa so she had to have had lots of milk. he even still nursed here and there at 16 weeks old! LOL think fully weaned around 4 1/2-5 mo!!!!!! hahaaa
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Nope, she didn't have any milk! The kittens would start to nurse and then start screeching haha.
But she got milk in yesterday and now all is going smoothly!! So glad they're doing well.
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Originally Posted by alh61692 View Post
Nope, she didn't have any milk! The kittens would start to nurse and then start screeching haha.
But she got milk in yesterday and now all is going smoothly!! So glad they're doing well.
Thats so great!
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