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Well, Tasha, the comment about blaming the guy was not directed at you....I didn't realize that the situation was like that. I assumed you were practicing unsafely and it was your own fault like so many teen moms. I am a little surprised though that you are so happy to be having this child. If I were in that situation, I don't think I could keep and raise the baby.
Well, as I still don't approve of giving pets up, the "cat" is out of the bag now and we can all stop this insanity. I will end with a big... I AM SORRY.
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i have friend who had a baby and her cat became so stressed it refused to eat and started messing all over the place. she tried everything to console the cat, but it became horribly sick. perhaps it IS better for some cats to be rehomed.

btw, tasha, congrats on your baby. while i agree you have chosen a path that won't be easy by choosing to raise and love this child, i hope you and your child will be safe, healthy, and happy.
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I also hope that you are pressing charges!!
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Just out of curiosity Tasha, did you go to the police? Because normally here in the US, they do what they call a Rape Kit. You would have had to go back also to check for pregnancy.

Not trying to be nosey, just was curious if the guy is paying the price for what he did to you. And I agree w/ Puppiluv, I'm not sure if I conceived from such a heinous crime if I would be able to keep and raise the child, and be as joyous as you obviously are. I would be feeling very differently in that situation, since that baby wasn't conceived in a loving relationship.

Like I said earlier though, all the best to you and good luck! I'm sure in the end it will all work out for you and your new baby...and the cats too
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Tasha - you are a strong woman to have survived what you have endured. Please make sure that you are ok. Get checked out by a doctor for STDs for your safety and the baby's. You may also may want to talk to a professional to help you thru this difficult time. I am here if you need to talk.
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This is just a side note for those who have noticed the movement on this thread. It was thought that this is to hot to leave in the Lounge but once moved to IMO it was pointed out that this is a personal issue that is not really open to debate. It is an unfortunate situation any way you look at it for all concerned- humans and cats.

I do apologize for the shifting around in place of this. Perhaps someone will start a separate thread in IMO about teenage pregnacy. I know Anne was intrigued by this topic as they don't have this situation in her country at all.
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i'm really sorry that that happened to you And I hope that you have a wonderful healthy baby. I really think you are doing what is best for all involved.
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Tasha, I am truly deeply sorry for what you have experienced. If you are committed to keeping this baby, I certainly hope it is healthy!!!!

I left home after high school and supported myself through college. I took risks. Some risks I probably shouldn't have and I paid for them. I was raped - in India. If you have concerns about the sensitivity of the police in Canada or the U.S., imagine being an American in India. They believe all foreigners "want it," and are asking for it! THAT was humiliation. Though in the end I was never able to hold the person responsible for what he did, making the effort to do what was right was a very healing experience.

DESPITE the fact of the rape in my past, I still believe I made the right choices in terms of striking out on my own. It was right for me. I am an independent, self-made person, and I have many, many wonderful experiences with people of other cultures (even many in India!) that more than offset what happened to me that one day.

But the right choices for me are not the right choices for everyone.

I do plead with you, do not let the father of the baby go unaccountable for his actions. It simply encourages him to do it again. That is not something anyone would want to have on their conscience.
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You know, why not lock this thread?? It's gone from Tasha having to re-home some of her cats because of being pregnant. This thread is going nowhere. Why not just let her be?
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Thanks Tigger! Yes, you can lock this thread, I don't mind. I don't want to keep coming in here to read that someone else is being negative about me! What's done is done.
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